The 69 athletes who seek to be the “Best of the Best” of 2021

This December 20 will be a special day for Chilean sports, because the gala of the Círculo de Periodistas Deportivos (CPD) will be held where the “Best of the Best” 2021 will be crowned, for the best athlete of this year.

The CPD defined on December 8 the best exponents of 60 categories of sports, plus nine of Paralympic sports, and where only one can be crowned with the highest award given by the Circle.

Live the CPD ceremony on this day, from 9:00 p.m. through all TNT Sports signals and our digital platforms.

Check out the list below.


  • Chess: Cristóbal Henríquez
  • Athletics: Gabriel Kehr
  • Motorsports: Francisco López
  • Badminton: Alonso Medel
  • Handball: Belén Canessa
  • Women’s Basketball: Fernanda Ovalle
  • Men’s Basketball: Nicolás Carvacho
  • Bocce: Sabrina Polito
  • Bowling: Patricio Bórquez
  • Amateur Boxing: Valentina Bustamante
  • Professional Boxing: José Velásquez
  • Canoeing: María José Mailliard
  • Hunting and Fishing: Jessica Meza
  • Road Cycling: Aranza Villalón
  • Track Cycling: Felipe Peñaloza
  • Cycling other modalities: Martín Vidaurre
  • Underwater Sports: Rocío Torres
  • Fencing: Katina Proestakis
  • Equestrian: Samuel Parot
  • Ski: Dominique Ohaco
  • Water Skiing: Martín Labra
  • Faustball: Lorenza Valenzuela
  • Amateur Soccer: Luca Astorga
  • Women’s Soccer: Christiane Endler
  • Men’s Soccer: Luis Jiménez
  • Gymnastics: Tomás González
  • Golf: Guillermo Pereira
  • Weightlifting: María Fernanda Valdés
  • Equestrian: Óscar Ulloa
  • Women’s Field Hockey: Manuela Urroz
  • Men’s Field Hockey: Pedro Schmidt
  • Skate Hockey: Macarena Ramos
  • Judo: Mary Dee Vargas
  • Karate: Fabián Huaiquimán
  • Fight: Yasmani Acosta
  • Motorcycling: Pablo Quintanilla
  • Sailing: Clemente Seguel
  • Women’s Swimming: Kristel Köbrich
  • Men’s Swimming: Eduardo Cisternas
  • Skate Race: María José Moya
  • Basque ball: Iñaki Narvarte
  • Modern Pentathlon: Esteban Bustos
  • Polo: Felipe Vercellino
  • Rodeo: Pablo Pino and Diego Tamayo
  • Remo: César Abaroa and Eber Sanhueza
  • Rugby: Matías Dittus
  • Squash: Catalina Lacroix
  • Surf: Manuel Selman
  • Triathlon: Diego Moya
  • Taekwondo: Fernanda Aguirre
  • Women’s Tennis: Alexa Guarachi
  • Men’s Tennis: Alejandro Tabilo
  • Table Tennis: Paulina Vega
  • Target Shooting: Cristóbal Robles
  • Flying Shot: Francisca Crovetto
  • Archery: Andrés Aguilar
  • Women’s Beach Volleyball: Francisca Rivas and Chris Vorphal
  • Men’s Beach Volleyball: Esteban Grimalt and Marco Grimalt
  • Women’s Indoor Volleyball: Beatriz Novoa
  • Men’s Indoor Volleyball: Dusan Bonacic

Paralympic sports

  • Athletics: Francisca Mardones
  • Boating: Katherine Wollermann
  • Swimming: Alberto Abarza
  • Women’s Ski: Claudia Hernández
  • Men’s Ski: Nicolás Bisquertt
  • Powerlifting: Camila Campos
  • Tennis: Macarena Cabrillana
  • Table Tennis: Cristián Detoni
  • Archery: Mariana Zúñiga
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The 69 athletes who seek to be the “Best of the Best” of 2021