Nick Khan speaks: AEW, a 4-hour Raw and the hatred of the fans

As President of WWE, Nick Khan is one of the main responsible for what happens in the McMahon company, both good and bad. And that is why the statements he made recently about different topics while speaking with the journalist are so interesting. Ariel helwani.

► Competition with AEW

«Thinking about competition is not what I do, it is not what we do in WWE. We are looking to the future, where we are going. We look ahead, so our decisions are based on what is best for us. And whatever the others are doing we don’t care. “

CM Punk en AEW Rampage The First Dance
CM Punk in AEW Rampage The First Dance

► Will WWE Raw be 4 hours?

“Listen, from my point of view, Raw would benefit if it was a four-hour show. So they would pay us more money and SmackDown could be 8 hours long, but I understand that there is a limited amount of content our creative team can do on a weekly basis so we are good at 3 and 2 hours«.

► The hatred of the fans

“The people I love and care for, of course I care what they think of me as an individual. But I am not affected at all by what people I do not know think. I don’t read them. I don’t look at them. It is not something that brings me any pleasure or pain.

“There is nothing that affects what I do and how I see things in terms of being guilty. When something is a disaster, I want all the responsibility; when something is a success, I don’t want any. If they blame me for what the fans don’t like, that’s fine by me. And if that takes some of the hatred out of people who make the tough decisions, that’s fine too. “

► Vince McMahon is the boss

“We are a team, but in WWE, as everyone knows, there is a boss, Vince (McMahon). Then, Bruce Prichard oversees the entire creative process; Kevin Dunn oversees all of our productions; Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque… And finally Vince McMahon makes the decision«.

Vince McMahon on WWE SmackDown (07/16/2021) / WWE
Vince McMahon on WWE SmackDown (07/16/2021) / WWE