Nico Brussino: “It remains for us to get to know each other and for this to flow” – Basketball – ABC Color

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aug 23 (EFE) .- The Argentine international Nicolás Brussino has considered this Monday that the new staff of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club has to “get to know each other” to “flow” and “that the team move forward” .

“Today I am more confident, I know the league and the players,” said the forward during his presentation as a member of the team, telematically, and in which he assured that he is “a very different player” from the one he arrived. to Gran Canaria in December 2017.

The sports director of the yellow club, Willy Villar, has highlighted the player’s “predisposition” to come to Gran Canaria and that he has signed for the next two seasons, which “says a lot about his commitment,” he declared.

“I liked the project, it is ambitious, and I wanted to take that step at the European level,” said the player regarding the reasons that encouraged him to choose the Claretian group.

Brussino hopes “to be able to continue showing what he has been doing” in his professional career during this season and the next in the ranks of Gran Canaria. The player, in addition, already coincided with the yellow coach, Porfi Fisac, during his time at Zaragoza, he stressed.

As for what the Segovian coach has requested for the moment, the Argentine forward explained that Fisac ​​is asking for “a lot of defense” and him, in particular, to try to “generate play” for his teammates.

Also “collective game in attack” and that “take advantage of all the players” who are part of the team, given that they have “talent in all positions”, he detailed.

“We only have to get to know each other and this flows, for the team to move forward,” he said, adding that, in addition to “continuing to train and getting to know each other” now we only have to “wait for the League to start to show what we are and what we will be in the future ”.