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Clarifies the situation of Samoa Joe as a WWE worker. The wwe wrestler He was present in the last tryouts of the company evaluating the new talents who presented themselves to the tests.

News about Samoa Joe’s situation in WWE

Samoa Joe has been one of the most recognized fighters of NXT in his previous stage. However, the brand has changed from using experienced fighters to promising youngsters. That is why many people wonder what Joe’s fit would be in this new version of NXT 2.0.

Joe was fired from WWE in April. However, he was brought back soon after when Triple H was unhappy with his departure. Upon his return, Joe had to promote young fighters but ended up winning the NXT championship and resigning due to injury.

Joe could still get back in action

According to journalist Dave Meltzer, Samoa Joe was scheduled to work outside the ring in a role other than wrestling. Recently, Joe was seen as part of the evaluation committee at the last WWE Tryouts. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that his future will be linked to working with coaches to train the wrestlers of the future in WWE. Despite this, he has not officially announced his retirement. and has expressed an interest in getting back in the ring. Therefore, a possible return of Samoa Joe as a fighter is not completely closed.

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News on the situation of Samoa Joe in WWE – Planeta Wrestling