Kevin Owens claims to be completely destroyed after Raw

Kevin Owens has been in great battles throughout his career, countless if we also look at his past before WWE, but even counting only his adventure as a Superstar he has fought real fights, some very dangerous, and very painful, like that one. Falls Count Anywhere Hell in a Cell at the PPV of the same name in 2017 against Shane McMahon.

The Canadian knows what it is like to leave everything on or off the string. That is why it may be surprising to many that Talk about the last Raw to tell yourself “absolutely destroyed”. Although it cannot be denied that he had a lot of action from the first moment until he was one of the four fighters who closed the show.

► Kevin Owens is completely dethroned

Before going with the words of KO let’s remember that he made an appearance by interrupting Bobby Lashley’s initial promo to question that he wanted a shot at the WWE Championship on WWE Day 1 that he finally got. Then it was determined that to achieve it “The Almighty” would have to individually defeat Owens himself, Seth Rollins, and Big E.

The native of Canada was the first and as soon as he saw that he was going to be put in the Hurt Locker he gave up before he started to feel the pain; although I had already felt it as we see in the video that a fan shares to which the same fighter responds. Later KO attacked Seth Rollins during his fight with Lashley so that he was disqualified, but it was restarted.

And finally he appeared alongside “The Visionary” while the WWE Champion was fighting Lashley himself in the last match of the night and far from demonstrating his power against both, was thrown against a table by Big E. This was Kevin Owens’ night on Raw. His statements may not be entirely incomprehensible either.

«I am often asked what has hurt me the most throughout my career and there are 2 specific things that always come to mind, but as of last night, there is a new answer to add to that list because for some reason this completely destroyed me«.

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Kevin Owens claims to be completely destroyed after Raw