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In the most recent edition of WWE Raw, two interesting changes to rude occurred. The first was that of the Puerto Rican Damian Priestwho lost the WWE United States Championship to Finn Bálor in a very interesting fight.

After the fight, and in a very interesting fact, Priest took the microphone and said that it was the people who promoted and led Bálor to win the title. And he got mad because he didn’t get the same supportthe same fan reception ever during his reign of the title.

► Damian Priest and Edge switch to the side of the bad guys

But that all the motivation from the fans will mean nothing to Bálor. After this, Priest attacked Bálor with a punch to the head and a tremendous Powerbomb against the English commentators table. At the moment, everything It seems to indicate that Bálor will have to give Priest a rematch on one of the two nights of WrestleMania 38.

Minutes after this happened, AJ Styles appeared to accept Edge’s challenge to fight in the next WrestleMania.

Edge said he wanted to bring out the old “bulldog” version of AJ Styles and then, he attacked him and a fight broke out where Edge took the advantage with a low blow and then punched him several times.

edge raw February 28, 2022

But everything did not stop there because Edge hit AJ Styles’ head several times, a Con-Chair-To that left him rumbling his head, lying on the canvas and confirming Edge’s rude change.


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Edge and Damian Priest are now rude | Superfights