Brock Lesnar attacks Roman Reigns’ family in WWE Draft

Brock Lesnar appeared in the WWE Draft 2021 to attack Roman Reigns’ family. Both wrestlers will face off in a WWE Universal Championship match at the Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia.

What happened tonight on WWE SmackDown?

We see a video about what happened in the fight between Finn Bálor and Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules 2021.

Upon reaching the ring, Roman Reigns takes the microphone and declares that he is number one. Reigns addresses the Baltimore public and demands that they recognize him. It is Paul Heyman’s turn and he also addresses the public to comment that they are not cheering loud enough for the Tribal Chief tonight. Heyman says that The Demon was exterminated by the Tribal Chief and now the next target is WWE Crown Jewel. Paul calls Roman Reigns the “exorcist of the suplexes” and warns Brock Lesnar that Reigns will end him at the next WWE pay-per-view.

Brock Lesnar appears in the WWE Draft 2021.

Once Brock Lesnar arrives in the ring and faces Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman gets out of the ring. Reigns attacks Lesnar with various right hands, but this one from one moment to another responds with several Suplexes. The Usos appear to defend the Tribal Chief but Brock responds with various clotheslines and suplexes for Jimmy and Jey. Roman escapes from the ring and crosses glances against Brock Lesnar, who is in the center of the ring dominating the four corners. Brock Lesnar applies an F5 to Jimmy and then gives another to Jey.

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