LEGEND MODE: Abreu’s HOUR 30 arrived and continues to make HISTORY in Chicago

By Robiel Vega / @ robielcuba87

With just two days left to finish the regular stage, the long-awaited 30th home run from Jose Dariel Abreu came and with it, a new season of 30 or more homers and 100 or more RBIs, the fifth in his career and with it he joins the greatest offensive legends of the White Sox.

When talking about the White Sox franchise, the name of the Cienfuegos man is written in gold letters and all the feats already achieved in the course of this year, is joined by the fact of becoming the third player in this team to achieve 5 seasons of 30-100, the previous ones, because neither more nor less than Paul Konerko, with eight and Frank Thomas with five.

What is powerfully striking is that the Cuban achieves it having played only seven full seasons, that is, in more than 70 percent (71.4). In Thomas’s case, he played for 16 seasons with the franchise (31.25%), the same as Paul Konerko (50.0%).

The historic hit came in the bottom of the third, with the bases clean and no outs on the board. With the 0x0 crash and counting a ball without strikes, the Cienfuegos, who had barely hit a single home run throughout the month of September, after a brutal August with 10 for the fairway, punished a slider to 82.8 miles and sent it on a very high connection, up to 380 feet, with a departure speed of 104.1 MPH.

Pito left behind Magglio Ordóñez, who in 8 seasons as a member of the White Sox, achieved 4 from 30-100, with the particularity that all were consecutively (1999-2002) and here comes something even more curious; during the 2003 season he was one home run and one RBI from repeating the feat for the fifth consecutive time, leaving with 29 HR and 99 RBI.

At the end of this note, the clash between the American League Central champions and the Detroit Tigers marched 4 × 1 in favor of Chicago in the bottom of the fourth and Pito had brought another for the plate, number 115 of the season, reaching base on a pick by shortstop Niko Goodrum, same with who had an altercation last Monday, September 27.

With his two trailers he approached 6 of Salvador Pérez, who today did not play and with two games to go and the remaining innings of the one who is currently playing for the end of the regular stage, it seems a titanic task to rise to the lead for third consecutive year. Abreu left his offensive line at (262/351/481/832).

Without further ado, enjoy the performance of this legend of Cuban baseball and the White Sox and remember that you can see all the videos of Cuban players by following this link.