El Salvador, ten games without knowing how to win in CONCACAF

La Liga has brought many surprises CONCACAF this year. After what was at the National Team level, the Guatemala team, the clubs have shown their faces in the region having already one of them in the semifinals of the tournament and with the possibilities of reaching the prelude to the Champions League. In one such story, the Salvadoran team of alliance he’s involved, but only to frame a negative streak for those in his country.

Seeming like a long way off because of how the world has locked us in, the last time a team from El Salvador in CONCACAF was in 2020, when Alianza was about to strike a smash on the table. In the first game against Tigres, the elephants won by a score of 2-1, but the next match would begin to mark a losing streak that they themselves have extended in the last match played against Comunicaciones.

After that elimination against Tigres, FAS and Municipal Limeño lost their respective preliminary phase meetings Managua and Forge, respectively. However, thanks to what was done in the Champions League, there was one more opportunity for Alianza in the round of 16 of the 2020 League; unfortunately, on penalties against Motagua, those now led by Milton Meléndez were also fired.

Now, if the situation was not already bad, six matches were added in just one edition that showed great opportunities for the last finalists of the local contest. Nevertheless, CD FAS was the first to try their luck and they also succumbed to Forge in a series they lost 3-5 on aggregate. The preliminary phase this time included Once Deportivo and they were also humiliated by Comunicaciones (1-4).

Thus, Alianza had the perfect setting to take revenge by closing the tap against the flats in Cuscatlán, but the powder was extinguished at the crucial moment of responding to the rival ship and the bomb fell on them as they fell 0-1 (1-3) in the decisive match. What’s left? Wait another year.

El Salvador hoping not to return to half a century

Although it may sound critical of soccer in El Salvador, the reality is that it is not customary for them to win in CONCACAF. There may be a moment of good level, but the moment of truth is complicated for them and more when it is remembered that, before that victory of Alianza over Tigres, the last victory that a Salvadoran team had at an international level dated from 1967. A 15 In March of that year, Alianza defeated Club América de México 2-0 at the Flor Blanca stadium.