Braun Strowman makes his return to the ring after his dismissal in WWE – Planeta Wrestling

During the last weeks the news about the wrestler released from WWE has been positive for all the fans. His set-up was thinking of a partial return to the ring. So much so that WWE news about his possible arrival at another company could be made real.

Return of the monster

In fact, this was so. Former WWE wrestler Braun Strowman He accompanied another from the list of those released by WWE several months ago such as EC3. The freed fighter maintains a strong friendship relationship with Braun and together they have teamed up with two other fighters.

The name of his rivals were Jake Something and Rohit Raju. Two fighters belonging to the GCLW Blizzard Brawl company. An event of an independent company that has been able to count on the presence of the former WWE wrestler. So all the fans vibrated at all times before his most common movements.

In this way it is confirmed that the physical form inside the ring the wrestler has not lost and now it is a letter of introduction to the great American wrestling companies They must be aware of whether they are able to hire their services. What is clear is that it will be difficult to defeat such a physical mass.

Fans perfectly remember the departure of a former universal champion who has been stellar against Brock Lesnar. He recently shared images on social networks about his physical changes that allow him to come out in this way in the fight. A relationship with the fighter Raquel González was also confirmed.

He was recently seen reunited with the Wyatt family, former wrestlers who made him debut in WWE. It is confirmed that the fighter continues with the desire of the first day to continue fighting actively. In his old company he already confirmed that he was tired of the heavy schedule, now he can take it with peace of mind.

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Braun Strowman makes his return to the ring after his dismissal in WWE – Planeta Wrestling