Liga MX Femenil: America dominates Chivas and leaves them out of the semifinals

America knew how to contain the rival and maintain a zero tie that gives it a pass to the semifinal.

Chivas and America drew goalless in the second leg for the quarterfinals of the Opening 2021. With this result, the azulcrema team advanced to the next phase of the tournament due to the advantage it had on aggregate of 2-1.

Those directed by Edgar Mejia They arrived at the Akron Stadium with a disadvantage, which they wanted to eliminate in the first moments of the game, but they could not break with the azulcrema dominance within the shell.

At minute 16, Joseline Montoya He sent a free kick which was rejected by the goalkeeper of the eagles, Renata Masciarelli. Alicia cervantes, the scoring champion in this Apertura 2021, appeared ten minutes later with a shot on goal after the pass granted by Atzimba Casas. At 33, it was again Joseline Montoya who forced Masciarelli to fly to stop the ball that was emerging to enter the azulcrema goal.

At minute 43, the visitors had the opportunity to extend the lead on the scoreboard, however, the ball crashed into the rojiblancas’ barrier.

The advantage remained for him America at the start of the second half and the pressure increased for the Chivas who only needed a goal to get them to the semifinals. The rojiblancas could not concrete the clear scoring opportunities that were presented in the complementary part.

At 58 minutes, Ruby Soto served a dangerous pass to Alicia cervantes, who escaped down the left wing but the ball hit the corner of the visitor’s crossbar.

Again Joseline Montoya he orchestrated the rojiblanco counterattack towards Masciarelli’s goal, however again the aim of Guadalajara was not the right one.

Chivas took advantage of the counterattacks to look for the second goal on the aggregate scoreboard. In 76, Anette Vázquez sought in this way to center the ball towards Alicia Cervantes, who could not connect with the pass.

With this goalless draw, Chivas were left out of the semifinals at the hands of América for the second time in history.


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Liga MX Femenil: America dominates Chivas and leaves them out of the semifinals