Becky Lynch’s outfit unveiled for tonight on WWE Day 1

The RAW Women’s Champion Becky lynch she is always innovating with her outfits and tonight is no exception, below We show you what his outfit will be tonight for his fight in WWE Day 1.

Becky Lynch outfit for tonight on Day 1

Tonight finally a new WWE PPV is celebrated, Day 1 and one of the fights that has caught the attention of the fans the most is the rematch between RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan, tonight Morgan again has the opportunity to fulfill her dream and to be called the female champion for the first time in her career, there is a detail that should be highlighted and that is how the super stars will look for combat.

For the female champion’s outfit, she already has her outfit designed by the seamstress Fionnuala Bourke which through his Instagram account He has shared images of what his wardrobe will be like tonight, In the post, the seamstress shared the message:

“To ring in the new year, I am publishing the biggest project I have ever undertaken! This is

to the amazing Becky Lynch… and I put a lot of work (and love) into this piece, so please make sure

and click like and comment. I am going to post a lot of stuff behind the scenes creating this during

the following days! I mean, just look at those shoulders. “

The rivalry between Becky and Morgan has been going on for several months since the latter became the challenger for the title of Becky and in the respective fight the champion retained cheating, tonight they face each other again and It may be the defining moment for Liv Morgan.

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Becky Lynch’s outfit unveiled for tonight on WWE Day 1