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The former Women’s Champion of Monday Night RAW Nia Jax, now known as Lina Fanene, held a question and answer session on her Instagram stories for the past few days. Fans asked Nia things about backstage at WWE, the female division, Total Divas and his departure from the Company.

Nia misses good times with her friends backstage at WWE

On your Instagram stories Nia revealed that what she misses most about her time as a star of World Wrestling Entertainment are the antics backstage with her friends., the Ex-champion in Couples narrated that one of the funniest moments was playing with the lyrics of her entrance song, because the costumes used to replace the phrase “I’m not like most girls” (I’m not like most girls ) with phrases like “I like mimosas” (I like mimosas). Mimosa is a cocktail that is prepared based on champagne and orange juice.

Nia Jax talked about her funny reaction to the blow she suffered on her tailbone during her fight with Lana

Last February ‘La Fuerza Irresistible’ faced lana in a tables match during an episode of RAW; in a moment of the contest Jax failed to apply a leg drop to her opponent at the edge of the ring, as Lana pulled away in time causing Nia to land quite fast and in severe pain that made her scream “My hole!” (my hole, my hole). The video of the funny moment went viral on social networks.

“I walked back to Gorilla and everyone was laughing hysterically.” Jax said.

The wrestler also spoke about the Total Divas show, of which she wrote that it is “98% bookmarked.” On her departure from WWE last November Nia said that long before being informed of her dismissal, she had been taking a break to take care of her mental health. At a certain point, she decided to ask for more time off and a few days later found out that she had been released from her contract.

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Nia Jax talks about her departure from WWE – Planeta Wrestling