Becky Lynch breaks down in tears over her problems with Charlotte in WWE

Becky Lynch burst into tears for their problems with Charlotte Flair. All of this happened after the two went heads-up at the event. WWE Survivor Series 2021 in a fight in which the emotions of both fighters were on the surface. Both have been great friends since their arrival in WWE, but the personal problems they have had in recent weeks have greatly strained the relationship between them.

Becky Lynch breaks down in tears for Charlotte Flair

After getting the victory for the WWE RAW team in Survivor Series Becky Lynch spoke exclusively for WWE on YouTube and explained that this fight had been very emotional for her due to the situation she is living with her old friend Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte and I have been through everything together here, we even had a car accident together and we got out of it. I got excited watching the pre-match clips and all the hate came out for the match… it’s a very sad thing. She was someone I loved, someone I would trust with my own life. I have proven to be the best in WWE but the truth is that I do not know if I am sad or happy for having achieved the victory.

Where will this story go? It seems that each fighter will now be the queen of their brand and that we will not see them compete again for a long time. Despite this, anything can happen in WWE …

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Becky Lynch breaks down in tears over her problems with Charlotte in WWE