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The Superstar of Wwe, Austin Theory, sat withMirror UKTo talk about his current career on the WWE Raw Red Mark. From the PPV of Survivor Series, Austin Theory has been involved in a history with the owner and president of WWE, Vince McMahon. Theory believes that the story is the result of the theft of McMahon’s golden egg, which was previously seen in the Netflix movie of The Rock Red Notice.

Austin Theory vs. Finn Bálor on Raw

► Where did the idea of ​​working with Mr. Mahon come from?

»I think those ideas came up because I stole a hundred million dollar egg. These lessons Vince is giving me, I don’t think he would have taught me if he hadn’t done what I did. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m not telling anyone to steal a hundred million dollar egg or even a million dollar egg, but somehow, it worked for me.

Since the egg was stolen and the perpetrator of the theft was discovered thanks to Sami Zayn, Austin Theory and McMahon have gone hand in hand, appearing in numerous backstage segments together where they occur very good master-disciple works between the two. Theory was asked what she was learning and what was most positive about this series of weekly segments, and revealed that it was knowledge and always being alert.

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»I am receiving much knowledge And the biggest conclusion I can draw from my relationship with Mr. McMahon is expect the unexpected«.

Austin Theory with his good line of performances on the ring. Unsuccessfully challenged Big E for the WWE Championship on the November 22 episode of WWE Raw and is currently on a bitter rivalry with Raw’s Irish Superstar Finn balor. Theory attacked Balor on the December 6 episode of Raw, and then it cost the Irishman and his partner the defeat Damien Priestin a tag team match against the Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode) after distracting Balor.

This week on the same show, Theory was close to obtaining the victory by count of three over Bálor, although he was ultimately unsuccessful and will have a new chance against Finn on the next episode of Raw.

► The Survivor Series experience

Austin was member of last month’s Survivor Series winning team And confident and self-assured is enjoying the opportunities to compete with some of the best in the company at such a high level.

»Definitely It was a great experienceJust because of the caliber and level these guys are at. Look at Survivor Series, for example, see how many guys who were in that fight have been world champions, so it was a huge leap for me. One of my medium-term goals is to fight for the WWE championship; everyone knows that it is a title that has been around forever. It’s a lot to take in in one go but, like I said, I just have to slow down and enjoy it all«.

Theory hits Bálor in the face
Theory hits Bálor in the face

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Austin Theory Reveals “The Best” About Working With Vince McMahon | Superfights