The best destinations for Carlos Correa and Trevor Story

The long-awaited class of all-star shortstop who would reach free agency in the 2021-22 offseason has been reduced to two: Carlos Correa Y Trevor story.

Starting with the 10-year, $ 341 million extension that Francisco Lindor signed with the Mets just before the start of the 2021 season, shortstops have been coming off the scene one by one: Marcus semien, Corey seager, Javier Baez. That leaves Correa, Story and a host of teams that should be interested in them when this tedious labor dispute between owners and players is resolved.

Thus, although their situations are very different, Story and Correa’s narratives are more intertwined now than ever.

The basics of this offseason are simple: Several teams need shortstop. The best players available at that position are Correa and Story. But it is also more than that. One of the things about being a major league shortstop is that if you can play well in that position, you can play well in other positions as well. So Correa and Story don’t just fit in with teams thirsty for shortstop, but teams in need of a frame upgrade, period.

That should mean a strong market for these two standouts, once baseball transactions begin to function at full capacity again. Like we said: it’s simple, right? Offer and demand.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the economics of baseball, things are rarely as straightforward as they seem. After all, who could have predicted when free agency began that the Texas Rangers, who finished the season with 102 losses, would be left with Semien. Y Seager?

Well, with the owners and players defending their “core economic issues” (ie, how to divide the wealth), let’s review the possible markets for Correa and Story, with the caveat that the outcome of the negotiations to reach a labor agreement could affect this analysis in ways that, at this time, we cannot predict.

Where are Correa and Story likely to land?


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The best destinations for Carlos Correa and Trevor Story