Sting has his retirement route planned; Darby Allin will be part of it

Sting has his retirement route planned Darby Allin will be

Sting says he has an idea of ​​what he’d like to do with the rest of his career, but he’s keeping his cards close to his chest. The 63-year-old fighter participated in an in-depth interview with The Ringer posted on Thursday. During the discussion, he talked about having “charted his end.” sting … Read more

Sharks of La Guaira is planned without Heiker Meneses or Juan Apodaca

Pablo Alejandro Rondón | @PablinhooAlee CARACAS. Without discarding them, in the current planning of Tiburones de La Guaira for the already started 2021-2022 harvest, neither the experienced receiver Juan Apodaca, nor the infielder Heiker Meneses are no longer present., with those who could not reach an economic agreement for the start of the season. “The … Read more