Sharks of La Guaira is planned without Heiker Meneses or Juan Apodaca

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CARACAS. Without discarding them, in the current planning of Tiburones de La Guaira for the already started 2021-2022 harvest, neither the experienced receiver Juan Apodaca, nor the infielder Heiker Meneses are no longer present., with those who could not reach an economic agreement for the start of the season.

“The team opens the doors to Apodaca, it is already a matter of the player. We made the effort to contact him several times, since they have asked us. I do not control their family issues,” said Fernando Veracierto, general manager of the club, to the radio circuit of the littoralenses this Sunday.

The 35-year-old mask, who was in his 14th season in the LVBP and fourth with the sharks, resides in Mexico and has given priority to other topics than adding to the structure of the ninth, which has the Gigantes prospect behind the plate. from San Francisco Ricardo Genovés, the U23 world champion Juan Fernández and it is expected that from November to the big league Rafael Marchán.

Apodaca has a lifetime average of .280, although with Sharks it rises to .339. In 152 games, he has hit 11 home runs, 105 RBIs, 202 connected hits, a .365 OBP and a .736 OPS.

As for the Mirandino infielder, who was even in the training prior to the harvest from early on, the executive confessed that they did not understand each other in the contractual part to add him to the inaugural roster.

“I would have liked him to get on the bus to Puerto La Cruz, but I do not control what the players think. This is his team, if he does not want to be part of the team, options will be sought,” said Veracierto, while warning “under pressure no movements will be made.”

The previous year was the first time in more than 100 shifts Meneses could leave average over .300 (.327), hitting 36 hits in 110 opportunities, while driving in 18 runs, scored 20 and gave five doubles. His OPS was .757.

The big leagues yes

The manager did not give a date of incorporation, but on his radar is to add not only José “Café” Martínez, but also the infielder Miguel Rojas, throughout the championship. Ranger Yonathan Daza and on the arm of Junior Guerra.

“Everyone has shown interest in wearing the shirt and joining the team. That tells you how the relationship with the players is, because here the love for the shirt had been lost,” said Veracierto, indicating that this interest may have repercussions on others players on the team, who had been apathetic in wanting to play in the organization, not to mention names.

Guerra played in 41 MLB games this year, going 5-2 with a 6.06 ERA in 65.1 innings and 61 strikeouts, with the Los Angeles Angels. Daza lived his first year with continuity in the majors, in which he posted a solid average of .282 in 107 games, while he pushed 30 lines and scored another 26, in addition to 2 hits.

They do not expect the left-hander José Alvarado to join, who has not acted since 2016-2017.

Two KO arms


Two relievers who would change the face of the school’s fire extinguisher staff are part of the discomfort casualties, the weakest area in the first substitution. The great leagues Eduardo Jiménez and Edubray Ramos, injured and in the process of recovery.

“Eduardo Jiménez is in his rehabilitation process, joining the team. Next week we will see, like Edubray Ramos, the reality is that they come from difficult injuries and are getting stronger, although we wanted to have them from day one”, True indicated.

Anyway, look for solutions to cover the gaps caused.


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Sharks of La Guaira is planned without Heiker Meneses or Juan Apodaca