MLB: Solo Leader! Salvador Pérez hits home run 47 and leaves Vladdy Jr behind


Goodbye little ball! Salvador Pérez hit his 47th home run in the 2021 season from MLB, so much so that it makes it position itself as solo leader from the home run department, leaving behind Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The Venezuelan blew up the wall in the meeting on Tuesday, September 28 between the Kansas City … Read more

¿El final para estas figuras de un solo club?


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Hope Solo: “I’ve seen Megan Rapinoe intimidate female players into kneeling down”

Hope Solo Ive seen Megan Rapinoe intimidate female players into

USA Women’s National Team The former goalkeeper reloads against the lead Hope Solo lashes out at Megan Rapinoe. Getty Images Megan Rapinoe became the main symbol of the fight for equality in the United States women’s team, in addition to his war with former president, Donald Trump, to whom he replied that because of his … Read more