Sting has his retirement route planned; Darby Allin will be part of it

Sting says he has an idea of ​​what he’d like to do with the rest of his career, but he’s keeping his cards close to his chest.

The 63-year-old fighter participated in an in-depth interview with The Ringer posted on Thursday. During the discussion, he talked about having “charted his end.”

sting said:

“Well, I know that Darby [Allin] will surely be part of this. I will not have a singles fight at this time. Darby will be with me and I will be with him and we can add more as far as I am concerned. but i have some people [en mente] And I really don’t want to say it right now.”

Sting would go on to say that he wants to leave a lasting and positive memory in the minds of fans as he approaches the end of his career.

“I want them to keep a memory that they will never forget, a good positive memory. I want the fans to be fully entertained and just have a good time and reminisce with me. As the story begins to draw to a close, as the last wave washes up on the shore, I want to ride it with all those who want to join me. Absolutely.”

Sting also spoke about what the future holds for Darby:

“For Darby, there is also life beyond wrestling,” explains Sting. “He’s a very creative guy and has ties to some pretty influential people across the country. I think if he stays in the wrestling industry, if he stays here with AEW, eventually he’ll have some kind of creative control and some kind of leadership role where he coordinates.

I think he has the ability to do something in the cinema. Anything to do with art, anything to do with risking your life, it will. This guy is jumping off 100 foot high bridges. He is jumping over houses with cars. He has an interest in skateboarding. He loves being out and about and hanging out with people who love to experience life to the fullest.”

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Sting has his retirement route planned; Darby Allin will be part of it