Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi face each other, will the conflicts between them continue?

Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi face each other will the

If the first opening of Max Scherzer as the Met brought closure to a cycle, his second outing could reopen an old wound. After the star pitcher made his debut against the club he helped lead to the 2019 World Series championship, bringing him face-to-face with former teammates and fans at Nationals Park, his start … Read more

MLB: Joe Girardi to return in 2022 as Phillies manager

phillies joe girardi takes blame disappointing.jpg 242310155

The manager Joe Girardi last Thursday he blamed himself for the Philadelphia Phillies They won’t make the postseason for the tenth year in a row. Leaders are often to blame for seasons like this, but strategists are often blamed for everything anyway. Ask Charlie Manuel and Gabe Kapler, today the San Francisco Giants foreman. But … Read more

Nats GM calls Girardi ‘con artist’ after dispute with Scherzer

Nats GM calls Girardi con artist after dispute with Scherzer

Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said Philadelphia Phillies manager, Joe Girardi, was playing when he urged the referees to check Max scherzer for foreign substances Tuesday night and embarrassed everyone in the process. “It’s embarrassing for Girardi, it’s embarrassing for the Phillies, it’s embarrassing for baseball,” Rizzo said Wednesday during an interview with The … Read more

MLB: Joe Girardi is expelled after challenging Max Scherzer for alleged ‘substance’

MLB Joe Girardi is expelled after challenging Max Scherzer for

The manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, Joe Girardi, vowed Tuesday afternoon that he would not ask an umpire to check an opposing pitcher for a foreign substance for purely artistic purposes. That would be “silly,” he said. But, Girardi added, he would absolutely ask an ampyer to check a pitcher if he sees anything “clear.” … Read more