Checo and Max changed the curves of the track for those of baseball

Accustomed to taking curves from 90 to 250 kilometers per hour and straight lines of more than 320 km/h, the Red Bull drivers, Max Verstappen Y Sergio Perezthey changed them for meek pitches to the plate. ESPN Deportes, ESPN+ and the ESPN family of channels bring you all the live excitement of Major League Baseball … Read more

Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi face each other, will the conflicts between them continue?

If the first opening of Max Scherzer as the Met brought closure to a cycle, his second outing could reopen an old wound. After the star pitcher made his debut against the club he helped lead to the 2019 World Series championship, bringing him face-to-face with former teammates and fans at Nationals Park, his start … Read more

MLB: Max Scherzer gives the Yankees everything: “It can’t be that the Padres spend more”

In these times of work stoppage MLB, there is a lot of uncertainty as to when the season will start and how many games will be lost. one of the representatives of the MLBPA is Max Scherzerwho was quite upset with the outcome of the negotiations and the refusal of the owners to commit to … Read more

How much will the lockout cost MLB stars like Gerrit Cole or Max Scherzer?

With baseball exclusively a part of desk conversations and away from the spring fields, the lockout imposed by major league owners from the first days of December in Briefly, it will be transferred to the economy of the players if an agreement does not arrive in the next few days. According to the salaries that … Read more

MLB: Twins considering trade for German Max Kepler; Yankees, Red Sox, Braves interested

The Minnesota Twins had a disappointing 2022 campaign after winning their division two straight years and making the playoffs in three of their last four years, with a season of MLB in which they were forced to do changes before the deadline as José Berríos and Nelson Cruz. One of those who also rang to … Read more

Max Scherzer says MLB integrity is at the center of collective bargaining bargains

As the MLB lockdown continues into 2022, there has been little indication that the current status quo is set to expire soon. The news this morning, that Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association they have yet to schedule their next trading session, it all affirms. Despite the ongoing transaction freeze and the secretive … Read more

MLB: The contract offer that Max Scherzer rejected to the Dodgers revealed

One of the great firms that was made before the work stoppage of MLB was that of the ace Max Scherzer with the New York Mets, who after finishing third in the National League Cy Young voting and an impressive second half of the season with the Dodgers, and despite his 37 years of age, … Read more

Dodgers lost Corey Seager and Max Scherzer ‘for being tight fisted’

Los Angeles Dodgers They started the 2021 season being perhaps the most spectacular squad of all MLB, which due to injuries and various absences was reinforced in the final date of changes. Ultimately, it was a risky bet due to the large number of free agents that would be available at the end of the … Read more

Max Scherzer blames Los Angeles Dodgers and Dave Roberts for injuries during 2021 MLB Postseason

MLB In his presentation as a new player for the New York Mets, the pitcher took aim at the manager and his technical staff for the discomfort he suffered in the Playoffs. By Alfonso Zuniga December 04, 2021 11:30 AM EDT December 04, 2021 11:30 AM EDT © Ronald Martinez / Getty ImagesMax Scherzer on … Read more