Dr. Javier Sciuto, scientist and biostatistician “The pandemic has been promoted by pharmaceutical companies with the complicity of governments with conflicts of interest” | Daily Change

Dr Javier Sciuto scientist and biostatistician The pandemic has been

By Julio Aguirrezabal Accompanying the presentation of the book: “False Positives” that was presented in Salto as part of a tour throughout the country, the biostatistician Dr. Javier Sciuto was in the editorial office of CAMBIO, offering his arguments for which, he assures the pandemic is a lie. The scientist – who advised several pharmaceutical … Read more

Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi face each other, will the conflicts between them continue?

Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi face each other will the

If the first opening of Max Scherzer as the Met brought closure to a cycle, his second outing could reopen an old wound. After the star pitcher made his debut against the club he helped lead to the 2019 World Series championship, bringing him face-to-face with former teammates and fans at Nationals Park, his start … Read more