MLB: Tom Brady is the ‘last survivor’ of the Montreal Expos

MLB Tom Brady is the last survivor of the Montreal

As usual for almost 10 years in the NFL, much has been speculated about the possible definitive withdrawal of the legendary quarterback tom brady, who at 44 years of age continues to dominate the league. The truth is that there were reports in the American press that Brady would finally hang up his uniform and … Read more

MLB: Chad Cordero, the last closer in Expos history and the first in Nationals history

MLB Chad Cordero the last closer in Expos history and

The Montreal Expos they selected Chad lamb in position 20 in the general in the year 2003 of California State Fullerton, and months later he was in the Major Leagues as a member of their bullpen. Chad had a good season as part of the last Expos team in 2004. When in 2005, the inaugural … Read more

Felipe, never forgotten among Expos fans

COOPERSTOWN, New York – Unsurprisingly, many fans of the Montreal Expos — now the Washington Nationals — were present on Cooperstown’s Main Street this week on the occasion of the Hall of Fame induction for Larry Walker, from this Wednesday the second Canadian with a plaque in the museum and former star of the Quebec … Read more