Senzatela is focused on “limiting errors”

Senzatela is focused on limiting errors

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – For Rockies right-hander Antonio Senzatela, the first seven starts of 2021 weren’t much different than what he did the next five months. Senzatela went 1-4 with a 5.97 ERA in those early starts. From there, his earned run average was 3.98, including 2.99 over a 10-start stretch between Aug. 5 and Sept. … Read more

Errors and tickets STARRED the afternoon, Contreras gave the CHAIR and Edilse exceeded himself. Summary Series 61

Errors and tickets STARRED the afternoon Contreras gave the CHAIR

By Robiel Vega/ @robielcuba87 Evening day that continues to make clear the low level of quality of the National Series; Games full of errors and many walks, together with an overwhelmed batting in most of the challenges, were the guidelines that marked the afternoon of Wednesday, February 23, in the 61st National Series. Regarding the … Read more

Guillermo Ochoa, number one trend in networks due to errors against Canada

The Mexican goalkeeper received strong questioning after the blunders that the goals of Canada meant Guillermo Ochoa became the target of criticism after being an accessory to the two goals of Canada upon Mexico in the final octagonal. The name of the goalkeeper America was the main trend on Twitter, a social network in which … Read more

La Novena: Of panties on display, simple solutions and non-punishable errors

La Novena Of panties on display simple solutions and non punishable

1. Doubt about my gifts As a cartomantic, if he had some talent he were not writing these lines, he would be enjoying the winnings of having hit the lottery several times. However, I will venture to make a bold premonition: MLB will get out of hand to review pitchers to avoid the use of … Read more