OPEN LETTER to Cuban baseball authorities: “We want solutions!”

OPEN LETTER to Cuban baseball authorities We want solutions

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas the capital Alexis Miguel Varona is a talented Cuban baseball player eager to play in the National Baseball Series. After shining in the lower categories on the Island, even forming part of several Cuban teams, he decided to leave his native country in search of a signature in American professional … Read more

“We are looking for solutions”

Florencia Somma, the captain of Malvín, was a fundamental piece for the beachman’s victory against Capurro and after the victory she spoke with Básquet Total. On the process of the match, he said: “We know that we have to try in all the games that are at our own pace and put our intensity both … Read more

La Novena: Of panties on display, simple solutions and non-punishable errors

La Novena Of panties on display simple solutions and non punishable

1. Doubt about my gifts As a cartomantic, if he had some talent he were not writing these lines, he would be enjoying the winnings of having hit the lottery several times. However, I will venture to make a bold premonition: MLB will get out of hand to review pitchers to avoid the use of … Read more