The Mexican team will play the third game in its history without fans at the Azteca Stadium

The duel against Jamaica will be the first in the history of the Concacaf qualifiers without an audience and the third overall

The Mexican National Team will debut this Thursday at the Concacaf Octagonal towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup against its counterpart from Jamaica, a duel that in addition to becoming the first match of the tie in Gerardo Martino’s process, will be the third match on the Azteca Stadium field, where the tricolor team will not have the fans.

Friendly against Querétaro in 1994

The first match that the Mexican National Team played without fans was in 1994, prior to the United States World Cup, after the strategist Miguel Mejía Barón decided to play a friendly match against Querétaro, in which the Mexican national team equaled two goals.

Friendlies against Guatemala

In September 2020, The Mexican National Team played the second match without fans on the Azteca Stadium field, after he faced a friendly duel against his similar Guatemala, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite how complex it was to play the match without the support of the fans, that friendly commitment was in doubt because Costa Rica, a rival originally planned for the match, decided to cancel its participation, so the Chapin national team decided to play the match in the one that fell 3 to 0 before the local team.

First knockout game without fans

This Thursday’s match against Jamaica will become the first Concacaf knockout match in the history of the Mexican National Team. in which there will be no access to the fans on the Azteca Stadium field, after FIFA imposed as a punishment on the Mexican Soccer Federation that the first match of the tricolor team at home did not have the support of their fans in the stands, after that the discriminatory cry will be made repeatedly in other competitions.

This determination could affect the Mexican team, after in final instances the Colossus of Santa Úrsula has historically been a favorable factor for the Tricolor team, after the weight of the fans in the qualifying matches towards the World Cup It has been established as one of the main virtues of playing in the capital of the country unlike other places.