Neymar and the Brazil National Team clothe a 9-year-old fan insulted by his fans

Learn about the unfortunate story of Bruno do Nascimento, who all he did was ask the rival goalkeeper for the shirt

The technical commission and some players of the Brazilian team, including Neymar, sympathized with a 9-year-old Santos fan who was rebuked by other club fans for asking a rival footballer for a shirt.

“We have invited him so that he can be here with us because, as parents and people, we have the obligation to be educators, to set an example”, said the Canarinha coach, Tite, at a press conference this Wednesday, in Sao Paulo.

Your technical assistant, Cesar SampaioHe was even moved to show solidarity with the young man and remember that he was formed by the values ​​that sport transmitted to him because his parents were working all day.

The incident occurred last Sunday at the Vila Belmiro stadium, moments after Santos was defeated 0-2 by their backyard rival, Palmeiras, for the Brazilian Championship.

At the end of that meeting, Bruno do Nascimento asked the goalkeeper Jailson, from Palmeiras, for the shirt, a gesture that provoked the ire of other Santista fans, who began to rebuke him along with his father, who was even attacked, according to local media.

The matter took such an impact that two days later the 9-year-old boy, who plays in the lower categories of Santos, shared a video on his social networks in which he apologized for having asked for and received the rival goalkeeper’s elastic.

“Sorry if someone was offended because I grabbed Jailson’s shirt, I really like it. I’m not from Palmeire. I really like Jailson,” he lamented.

From there, different Brazilian clubs and players have mobilized to support the boy, including Neymar, who is concentrated with the national team to face Colombia and Argentina for the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“Bruninho, you are a giant, ‘menino’. What a personality to make that video, something that no idiot who insulted you has the courage to do,” said Neymar on their social networks.

The Brazilian star Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pelé’ He also came out in defense of the boy, to whom he told that “he does not need to apologize for being in love with football.”

“Our sport is beautiful, but it would be better if all the fans had a heart”, the 81-year-old former striker pointed out.

The most exciting moment occurred this Wednesday with Tite and his technical assistant, Cesar Sampaio.

“Bruninho, a hug from us with all our heart! You have to learn to respect, to respect the feeling,” said the coach.

For its part, a Sampaio on the verge of tears stressed that the importance of “any sport, beyond winning or losing, is in the added values” that transmits.

“I was trained by sports. My parents couldn’t, they had to work and I was on the streets for a long time. Don’t lose that love for your idols, your love for sports, because I am the result of all that”, he stood visibly excited.


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Neymar and the Brazil National Team clothe a 9-year-old fan insulted by his fans