Tragedy in the NFL: Steelers fan dies after falling from the stairs of the stadium

Noticias de la NFL – Jueves 18 de agosto de

Written in SPORTS the 10/3/2022 10:34 a.m. Pittsburgh, United States.- After the Pittsburgh Steelers fell at home by a score of 20-24 against the New York Jetsit was revealed that a fan died in the Acrisure Stadium suffering a fall from an escalator in it, according to the Department of Public Safety of that city. … Read more

He missed 5 million! The Blue Jays fan who let Aaron Judge’s historic ball slip

He missed 5 million The Blue Jays fan who let

New York Yankees player Aaron Judge tied the record for 61 home runs in a single season that Roger Maris owned alone in the American League. Judge’s home run helped the Big Apple team win 8-3 on their visit to the Toronto Blue Jays, although the protagonist of this story is an aficionado named Frankie … Read more

Kickoff to the 2022 NFL Season: Stats, Tips and Facts Every Fan Should Remember as They Enter Week 1

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

It is, indeed, the best, yes, the best, disease that can invade your mind. The “emotion-induced brain fog” is back. What is that? You’re so excited about something, in this case the NFL season, that you forget about regular events. That event occurs at the start of every NFL season. Here’s the formula: High expectations … Read more

Fan Fest: how basketball had its party in Mar del Plata… and with its sights set on Qatar

Fan Fest how basketball had its party in Mar del

In the surroundings of the Malvinas Islands, a colorful function before the duel between Argentina and Bahamas – Credits: @Mauro Rizzi MAR DEL PLATA.- “This is a consolation, because I found out about the sale of tickets late and getting a pair was impossible, they flew”, comments Eduardo Domínguez, who early and with his grandson … Read more

Gignac fulfills her dream as a Tigres fan and goes to her house to congratulate her on her 100th birthday

The MLBPA rejects the latest offer for an international MLB

The striker visited Doña Mary, a Felines fan who turned 100 and asked for a greeting from Gignac as a gift The striker of tigers, Andre-Pierre Gignacfulfilled the wish of a fan of felines and went to her house to congratulate her on her 100th birthdaywhich the same player made known through his social networks. … Read more

NBA Playoffs: scandal with Chris Paul on a Sunday of parities

NBA Playoffs scandal with Chris Paul on a Sunday of

The Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers They won this Sunday at phoenix suns Y Miami Heatrespectively, and matched their conference semifinal series from the NBAon a day marked by controversy in the stands. In Philadelphia, the star james harden scored 31 points and the Cameroonian Joel Embid He had 24 points and 11 rebounds … Read more