Head, Cancel that Larra won

The beginning of the match was pretty bad. With errors in the readings on the part of both, the losses surfaced in San Fructuoso street, within that panorama, the clearest and by far was Leandro Taboada, who, from his driving, and hurting from the perimeter, gave Reducto a small but interesting advantage at the start of the match, the local 19-12 after the first ten minutes.

But Larra reacted, and in what way! With a tremendous 16-0 -attention- partial, the milrayitas by the hand of Camilo Colman, went on to dominate the game and the score. And that trend continued, defending very hard, and with quick transitions, the visit had its best passage of the match. As if that were not enough, on the buzzer, a Nico Lewis bomb, midfield and board, gave him the maximum to go to rest winning 42-29.

With a disastrous refereeing, which infuriated both teams, the game continued with the same trend as in the first 20 minutes, Reducto trying to react, succeeding at times, but with Larrañaga always responding to this situation, with good minutes from Maxi Nobile from driving. In this way, the visit faced the epilogue winning 62-49.

With a 7-0 run, Redu quickly got back into play, with a couple of good defenses and flowing a little more from the hand of Taboada’s leadership, he found potholes of good play and correct readings so that in the absence of 7 minutes, the story will change. But there Maxi “Cabeza” Nobile appeared, grabbing the icing, managing the times and contributing decisive points in a goat moment. At the base, Cancela was added, who had already fulfilled in the defensive aspect, but with important points he grew in confidence to finish at a high level. It was a milrayita victory, in final figures 76-59.

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Head, Cancel that Larra won