Thanks giving Day? All six teams that play on Thanksgiving are coming off losses

The Bears, Lions, Raiders, Cowboys, Bills and Saints, teams that will see action on Thanksgiving, have a combined record for the month of November of just 2-13-1

The Thanksgiving Day is one of two dates closely linked to American football, along with the New Year. But while the latter date is closely related to the collegiate game, the former is invariably attached to the NFL, a tradition that dates back to 1934.

The Week 12 of the current season features a rather unusual triple card: the six teams that will see action during one of the most important holidays in the United States they come from losses in their most recent matches.

It was not only the previous day that mistreated the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints. Actually, it has been the entire month of November. Between the six clubs they combine for a 2-13-1 mark in the three days of the campaign that have been played so far in the month, with the Cowboys and Bills flaunting the only triumphs, and Lions the only other party that is not defeat.

Each of the teams in question has dug its respective hole due to different factors.

In the case of Detroit, the bad moment extends from December of last year, when they lost the last four commitments of last season before starting a 2021 where they have not yet discovered what it is to win. Although a draw against the Pittsburgh steelers a couple of days ago – taking advantage of the absence of Ben roethlisberger– eliminates any possibility that we will see in 2021 the first regular season 0-17 in the history of the NFL, a 0-16-1 is still within reach of a franchise that already has a 0-16 on its record.

It is said that, just as winning becomes a habit, so does losing, and Lions they have missed some clear winning chances on the year. With each game that gets out of hand, victory is made difficult by the mental cost of accumulating losses, and that is why it is imperative that Detroit take advantage of the terrible moment of Chicago, because they probably won’t have a better chance for victory in the remainder of the year.

And, speaking of Bears, we are facing the team with the longest active losing streak in the NFL, with five setbacks in a row. On top of everything, the short week in Chicago to prepare his engagement this Thursday was not devoid of controversy, with a report stating that Matt nagy would cease to be the head coach of the at the end of his visit to Detroit.

Nagy He came out to deny that version on Tuesday, and the boss in the organization, George McKaskey, endorsed his coach a day later. However, it is undeniable that Nagy He’s got the water up to his neck, and the absence of the rookie quarterback Justin fields exacerbates the situation because Andy dalton, who will start this Thursday to Chicago, it is not exactly the pin that will buy time to the project of Nagy, regardless of how you play.

Bears and Lions kick off at 11:30 am Central Mexico time in Ford Field, and Chicago jump as a favorite (-3) in a duel where the high / low line is located at 41.5.

The second game on the card will have the Raiders of the interim head coach Rich bisaccia visiting the Cowboys, the former team of Bisaccia.

Las Vegas He’s been through the unimaginable off the field so far this season, and there’s little point in going over everything in this space. Bisaccia He took over as interim and the team responded favorably immediately, with two wins. Afterwards, the day off seemed to have a negative effect, with the Raiders losing all three games since then. It was unthinkable to suppose that what happened off the field with Jon Gruden, Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette will not take its toll, sooner or later, to this template, but Las Vegas is capable of brilliant moments on the grid, still. It is only a matter of spinning enough to finish regulation time with more points than the rival.

The Cowboys they have other types of problems, mainly injuries. They come from a game where they were more competitive than expected – considering how that visit to Arrowhead Week 11 – even though they didn’t score a single touchdown, playing without a handful of starters, including their left tackle Tyron smith, your wide receiver Amari Cooper, his defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy gregory, and losing the wide receiver CeeDee Lamb Halfway. Cooper will still be absent, but Smith and Lamb they could go back to Las Vegas Of start.

The No. 1 offensive of the NFL revealed serious deficiencies in the depth of their aerial armament last week, and if they had a bad time before the pair of Frank Clark and Chris jones, things don’t look great with Maxx crosby and Yannick Ngakoue, if it doesn’t come back Smith to an acceptable level.

Of course, of all the six clubs in question, no one has played better in November than the Cowboys, which completely annihilated the Atlanta Falcons on the same stage as this afternoon’s game.

Raiders and Cowboys Hostilities break out at 3:30 p.m. Central Mexico time in the AT&T Stadium, with the home team being wide favorites (-7.5) and the high and low line hovering around 50.5.

Finally, the Bills and Saints will write the final chapter of the Thanksgiving Day from 2021 in New orleans in the second duel between teams from different conferences of the day. As in the case of the match of Raiders and CowboysThis is a confrontation between two teams that have no losing record, of which there are a total of nine on the day. This is the first time in the history of the NFL that there are such a high number of inter-team games at .500 or better, as late in the season as Week 12.

New orleans has lost three in a row, all started by Trevor siemian as a starting quarterback after successfully supplying the injured Jameis winston in victory over the champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the Week 8. Have you played terrible Siemian? No, but he hasn’t exactly been a front-line passer in his playing minutes either.

The Saints they arrive with a worrying absence, that of the runner Alvin kamara. The best player in the club – and possibly his substitute, Mark Ingram II– leave vulnerable an offense that is already trying to compete without its starting quarterback, Winston, and one of the best wide receivers in the league, Michael Thomas. To the absent you have to add the name of the right tackle Ryan ramczyk, which will not be uniformed against the Bills.

Across the field Buffalo it is possibly the team that has suffered the least of the six in question, in terms of injuries and distractions off the field. That makes their fall in the level of play a great unknown, and the two defeats in the last three days have already left them out of the leadership of the AFC East.

If the performance of Dallas two dates ago against Atlanta it was brilliant, Bills They weren’t far when they beat the New York Jets in the same Week 10. But that triumph was a sandwich between a frankly inexplicable defeat against the Jacksonville Jaguars where they failed to score a touchdown, and an outing last Sunday in which Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts he left his footprints all over the defense.

Without serious injuries to their key players, or accumulation of extra-sports problems to distract the players, what happens to the Bills? Buffalo is far from having to talk about a lost campaign, but moving away from first place in planting the AFC for the postseason it is not a recommendable path.

Bills and Saints they will kick off at 7:20 pm Central Mexico time, with visitors clearly favored (6.5) in betting, and the highs and lows landing at 45.5.

The Thanksgiving will offer, for the first time since three games have been regularly played, to six teams that come down. However, for the opportunity to enjoy a day full of American football from NFL additional to Sunday is appreciated, always.

Information of ESPN Chalk and AP was used in the writing of this note.


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Thanks giving Day? All six teams that play on Thanksgiving are coming off losses