Thanks giving Day? All six teams that play on Thanksgiving are coming off losses

Thanks giving Day All six teams that play on Thanksgiving

11:00 AM CT Rafael Zamorano Close since 2007 he has been an NFL editor and columnist for ESPN’s digital platforms. He previously wrote for sites like and Follow it by Twitter. The Bears, Lions, Raiders, Cowboys, Bills and Saints, teams that will see action on Thanksgiving, have a combined record for the month … Read more

Former pitcher José Veras explodes against MLB after not giving the MVP to Soto, Tatis and Guerrero Jr.

The awards of the season MLB finally they were given and specifically in the delivery of the MVP’s of both the National League and the American League, there was a lot of controversy and discontent mainly among the Latin American fans and especially the Dominicans, as Bryce Harper and Shohei Ohtani’s accolade came to the … Read more

Vince Russo lashes out at Becky Lynch “It’s terrible giving promos”

Becky Lynch 22

The former lead writer for WWE and the defunct WCW expressed his opinion about SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch arguing that he has very little talent when it comes to the microphone. Russo’s statements were given after Becky was transferred to the red mark during the last episode of RAW, stage where the second night … Read more

Gonzalo Pineda from giving shoes to the Cube to becoming his coach in Atlanta

A few years ago, in Guadalajara, Pineda and Cubo Torres had an anecdote that now takes on relevance because they both met again at Atlanta United Érick “Cubo” Torres and Gonzalo pineda They have a past Chiva, however they did not coincide in the first team, while the forward forged his way in the basic … Read more

Miguel Herrera knows that the Tigres fans are upset, but will end up giving them satisfaction

Miguel Herrera knows that the Tigres fans are upset but

Miguel Herrera accepts that the results of Tigres generate discomfort in the fans, but promised to give them satisfaction at the end of the tournament Miguel Herrera assured that he is responsible for the level of play that he has shown Tigers in the Opening 2021, of which he knows people are upset, but he … Read more

Kempes questions Messi: He wants a team to win without giving up a euro

Kempes questions Messi He wants a team to win without

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 06.08.2021 02:06:59 He asked for a competitive team to dream of the Champions League again, but without giving up a euro from his very high payroll. What we never thought we were living was confirmed this Thursday: Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona, but not without being questioned by another Argentine historical … Read more

Should the Yankees remove A-Rod’s # 13 instead of giving it to Joey Gallo?

Should the Yankees remove A Rods 13 instead of giving

The New York Yankees were one of the big winners of the MLB trade deadline by perhaps acquiring what they needed in their lineup: Left-handed bats. With this, they acquired the sluggers Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs and Joey Gallo from the Texas RangersThe latter being one of the most popular targets to reinforce … Read more

Shooting after Olimpia’s friendly: The tremendous scare that Maynor Figueroa suffered while giving an interview in Houston – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Shooting after Olimpias friendly The tremendous scare that Maynor Figueroa

While giving an interview at the end of the match that played the Olimpia against Blue Star, Sunday night in Houston Texas, the captain of the Honduras National Team, Maynor figueroa, lived a scare and stopped giving the note to get to safety after hearing several shots. In the end everything was controlled. Figueroa, a … Read more