San Francisco 49ers plays mystery to define their quarterback for NFL 2021

We’re exactly two weeks away from the 2021 season of the & nbsp;National Football League (NFL), and there are not a few teams that are clarifying their panorama, in terms of defining starting players such as the quarterback, a trend in which they have not wanted to enter & nbsp;San Francisco 49ers.

And the reason ends up being almost logical, since currently the Santa Clara team has in its ranks two first-level players for that position, commanded by & nbsp;Jimmy Garoppolo, which is in its fifth year, and the one chosen in the last Draft, as & nbsp;Trey lance.

Before the departure of the third quarterback, & nbsp;Josh Rosen & nbsp;to the & nbsp;Atlanta Falcons, the 49ers coach, & nbsp;Kyle Shanahan & nbsp;shall define between the two options mentioned above to your quarterback & nbsp;headline, something that he did not want to reveal at a press conference.

Garoppolo or Lance ?: The 49ers definition
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I have a very good idea about it.; but, as you can see with everything, I don’t know our schedule in a couple of days. So, I’ve always had a really good idea.. But there are many days between now and then, in all positions “explained the strategist.

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Faced with Shanahan’s explanation, Garoppolo went out to talk to the media and when asked about these sayings, he replied that I have a very good idea; I’m very happy with where I am now and just the offense as a whole. & nbsp;Kyle is the man in charge. He will make the decision.

Thus, everything seems to indicate that the former & nbsp;New England Patriots& nbsp;He will command the 49ers offense in NFL 2021, although with what was observed in preseason, the option of Lance should not be ruled out in case it gives them a better chance of winning games.

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