Saving Private Lewandowski

Lto the situation of Robert Lewandowski has reached the point that the Pole did not want to reach. The striker had to present himself yesterday at the facilities of the bayern from Munich to join the preseason of the Bavarian team, despite the fact that he has repeated both active and passive that he wants to leave.

He passed the medical controls and is scheduled today at 10 am to exercise. Everyone knows that it is not what he wants, but the forward does not want to declare himself in absentia either. He trusts that he will end up reaching an agreement so that he can leave the team. He understands that he has put a lot on his part and expects the Bara to respond now.

Lewandowski joins Bayern: arrives at the hospital to pass medical tests

The outlook is not pleasant either bayern. The Germans want him to stay, but they are not going to force the machine and they have put a price of €50 million. The bara intends to lower that figure, but the Germans are especially determined that it be reached. They are not making it easy.

In any case, In the offices of the German club they have one thing clear: this soap opera must be resolved this week. Specific, before saturday, the team introduces itself. If he is going to leave, it must be before that date, they consider. And if he is not going to do it, they understand that this should be a kind of full stop. It doesn’t seem like a tasteful dish to start the course with the fans angry with the one who, until recently, was their idol.

Ferran: “We know that Lewandowski wants to come to Barcelona”

As it is, the negotiations should intensify these days. Xavi he also wants the situation to be resolved as soon as possible. From his coaching point of view, he wants the striker to join as soon as possible and even join the team’s American tour. The azulgranas leave this weekend to Miami and the one of terrace he wants to do it with a new ‘9’ in his squad.

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Saving Private Lewandowski