Hot debate in networks over the controversy of the referee Pitana

Nestor Pitana

Colombia vs. Brazil

Refereeing experts, journalists and former footballers join the discussion.

Much debate has been generated around the controversial action in the match between Brazil and Colombia, which meant Brazil’s first goal and partial draw against Colombia, which in the end ended up losing its Copa América match.

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Different soccer personalities discuss and give arguments about the annotation that the center-back validated, after the ball hit his body.

“It cannot be that a referee and others in the VAR cannot see that when the ball hits the judge and influences the behavior of the players, it should be stopped and invalidated. Very bad @CONMEBOL,” said the referee analyst Rafael Sanabria.

“The Pitana thing is a shame, what a shame for Colombia!”, The ex-footballer trilled Ivan Zamorano.

“When the ball hits the referee … the game must be cut off if the ball changes possession of the team … or generates a clear goal opportunity … Pitana’s terrible location but the ball goes to the point and the possession belongs to the same team”, wrote former international referee Javier Castrili.


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Hot debate in networks over the controversy of the referee

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