NFL Fantasy 2021: The 5 Best Defenses for the Season


The NFL season is approaching and that’s why we present to you the best five defenders to select in Fantasy.

TJ Watt, Aaron Donald, and Chase Young. (Photo: Getty Images)


TJ Watt, Aaron Donald, and Chase Young. (Photo: Getty Images)

The season of the NFL is very close to beginning. On September 9, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas cowboys faces will be seen to start the campaign. Therefore, we bring you the rankings to be able to create the best possible team in the NFL Fantasy.

It is the turn of the defenses. Here we must bear in mind that in addition to that group, they are also the special teams. The points obtained will be based on the performance of both facets of the game and can define confrontations.

To achieve points, the defense should allow as few yards and points as possible, get interceptions, loose balls and score touchdowns. Special teams can contribute in that last facet above all. Without further ado, here are the best Fantasy defenses / special teams for the 2021 NFL season.

5. Washngton Football Team

Chase Young enters his second season as a star. (Photo: Getty)

Washington He has one of the most fearsome front seven in the entire league, who is still very young. Last year they reached the Playoffs thanks to the defense and they finished sixth among defenses in Fantasy. With Chase young Entering their sophomore year, they have the potential to finish on top when all is said and done.

The Tampa Bay defense has many figures. (Photo: Getty)

The reigning champions of the Super bowl they kept all their defenders and added the LB Joe tryon in the first round of the draft. It’s a star-studded defense like Shaq barrett, Lavonte David, Devin White, Carlton Davis and much more. With the chemistry and system already oiled, they should have no problem mastering.

3. Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald is the best defender in the NFL. (Photo: Getty)

Among Jalen ramsey and Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams they are one of the safest bets that they will be a top defense in NFL Fantasy. Consistency is the key in the game and having the best defender of all and a top 3 CB does wonders for the team. They lost several pieces but They were No. 1 last year.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Marcus Peters, an interception machine. (Photo: Getty)

The defense of Ravens stands out for always being one of the best in Fantasy and this year is no exception. With Marcus peters, one of the CBs that intercepts the most, Marlon humphrey, the cornerback known for forcing fumbles, and a front seven that attacks the quarterback a lot, they should dominate at will. More if you consider that his offense always dominates the clock and leaves the pressure on the rival.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

TJ Watt and Cameron Heyward wipe out any offensive line. (Photo: Getty)

It does not always happen, but with defenses it is more normal. The best in the NFL is also the best in Fantasy. The Steelers they have Tj watt as a quarterback hunter alongside other elite players on the line who led the league in sacks last year, and they were also tied with the most interceptions. The great candidate to go first in all Draft Fantasy.