NFL 2021: Week 1 Results | Regular season | Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the big winners

Returned the NFL and on Sunday there was a great day of American football. The first meeting of the Week 1 of the 2021 season, between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas cowboys, was played last Thursday. The team of Tom brady It was imposed by 31 to 29. Find out all the results!

On Sunday 14 great matches were held, where there were surprises, disappointments and a good level. Pittsburgh steelers was one of the big winners by beating Buffalo bills, one of the strongest teams, by 23 to 16. On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers and Green bay packers they disappointed before New Orleans Saints, which were imposed by 38 to 3.

On Sunday Kansas city chiefs defeated Cleveland Cavaliers, repeating the history of the Playoffs. Patrick Mahomes managed to move away from a 10-point deficit for the tenth time in his career. What’s more, Los Angeles Rams, at Sunday Night Football, defeated Chicago Bears by 34 to 14.

+ Mac Jones rejected the ball with which he scored his first TD in the NFL. Why?

It only remains for them to face each other Las vegas raiders and Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.

+ The negative debut of Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones in NFL 2021.

NFL 2021: Week 1 Results

Dallas cowboys 29-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pittsburh Steelers 23-16 Buffalo bills
Philadelphia Eagles 32-6 Atlanta Falcons
San Francisco 49ers 41-33 Detroit Lions
Arizona cardinals 38-13 Tennessee Titans
Minnesota Vikings 24-27 Cincinnati Bengals
New Jork Jets 14-19 Carolina panthers
Seattle Seahawks 28-16 Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Chargers 20-16 Washington Football Team
Jacksonville Jaguars 21-37 Houston Texans
Green bay packers 3-38 New Orleans Saints
Cleveland browns 29-33 Kansas city chiefs
Denver Broncos 27-13 New York Giants
Miami dolphins 17-16 New England Patriots
Los Angeles Rams 34-14 Chicago Bears

+ Matthew Stafford and his incredible NFL-breaking Rams debut.

+ Tom Brady breaks Drew Brees’ record at the start of the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.