It rains rain it rains

Montevideo was beating Auriblanco tightly by 31-30 at the Héctor Novick Gymnasium on Porongos Street but with 6.06 left to finish the first half, Andrés Bustelo, the main referee of the match, decided to suspend the match due to a leak.

Everything looked to be a special night, a tribute to the family of Ignacio De León who died last year at the age of 25 due to a sudden death due to heart failure, just while playing a game with friends on this stage. from the Montevideo BBC.

Leaders from Marne, the team where Nacho was formed, and Montevideo, the last club he had defended in his career, spoke. After the talk and the delivery of a plaque to his parents, a shirt with the number 20 that was historically withdrawn on the stage of Rojo came out. Date number 4 of the DTA bore his name

After the tributes there was little basketball, Montevideo began hurting in the painting with Juan Savariz and Nicolás Villafán, taking advantage of the fact that his rival was decimated in the painting by the loss of Claudio Charquero with a problem in his twin. Marcio Gilardi with several penetrations and a good game in defense put a partial of 12-8 favorable to those of Porongos street but Auriblanco found a reaction with Santiago Meneiro and Martín Mayora, he quickly got into the game. At the end, a bomb from the “Dessert” Santiago Pereira gave the partial victory of the first ten minutes of basketball to those of San Juan and Princivalle, 21-20 marked the electronic at the end of the first boy.

In the second quarter the parity was present, both teams alternated in front of the electronic but the sky began to be closed, dark. A major leak fell on the Montevideo court and just as Lucas Sugo sang “It rains, it rains, it rains” the game was suspended when the homeowner dominated the shares 31-30 in the absence of 6.06 to end the first half.

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It rains rain it rains