Express Ranking of Substitute QBs – NFL Season 2021

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Injuries are something that is implicit in the NFL, all positions suffer from them and on several occasions it severely affects teams. But we cannot deny that where it causes the most damage is when the starting passer (star or not) is injured, it ruins the plan and work of a team. Therefore, eIt is time to make an express ranking of substitute QBs, those who are or could take command this season, for various reasons, with varied results and an uncertain future in most cases.

Substitute QBs who have no problem

Case Keenum – Browns

This category can currently only be filled by one NFL team, which speaks to the depth of their roster. Baker Mayfield played the Steelers and it looks like he wasn’t doing well. Although the Browns injury report has not been given, he will likely have to rest another week, as his backup Case Keenum is not out of place and has already achieved a victory this year for his style of play friendly to the wide system. Cleveland’s running game.

Fair level with good support

Trevor Siemian – Saints

Halloween’s win against the Buccaneers despite Jameis Winston’s injury was a great achievement. Trevor Siemian doesn’t have much, but with that defense and avoiding mistakes, they can lean on Alvin Kamara for the veteran to replicate what Teddy Bridgewater did when Drew Brees was injured in 2019.

Those that serve for a game and now

Davis Mills – Texans

Davis Mills showed flashes, played a couple of decent games and the rest has been what is expected of a third-day pick in the NFL draft. Tyrod Taylor will return to the title as soon as he is healthy.

Taylor Heinicke – Washington

Taylor Heinicke has won our hearts by being a player with a lot of momentum, but nothing more. This boy has few good for many bad. They miss Fitzmagic.

Geno Smith – Seahawks

Geno Smith has played like his entire career, ugly, sometimes horrible, but somehow he won a game against the Jaguars. The problem here is that the return of Russell Wilson is urgent and the future does not look promising yet with him.

Mike White – Jets

Before we get excited about his movie-worthy debut to surprise the Bengals, this reality needs to be grounded: he made some interesting plays against the Patriots and was all heart and drive in the win against the Bengals. But this is just smoke and speaks worse for the Bengals than good for the Jets: eThe boy is not at the level at the moment to carry a team, and the best thing he brings is a little peace of mind so as not to rush Zach Wilson.

Disasters to Happen

Andy Dalton – Bears

The very thing that made him a backup with the Bears is the latent danger right now. Things are not so good with Justin Fields, but we know that if the “Red Rifle” comes in, Chicago is going nowhere.

Josh Rosen – Falcons

I know his die-hard fans (like Ulises Harada) won’t like this, but Josh Rosen has nothing to contribute to an already lousy Falcons team if Matt Ryan’s hand injury forces the 2018 pick up. The moment we see him come in, he will be the last nail in Atlanta’s coffin in this difficult season.

PJ Walker – Panthers

With Sam Darnold, the new icon of the busts In the NFL, out due to injury, Carolina achieved a victory over Atlanta. But do not be fooled, that team is the defense and Christian McCaffrey, nothing more. They will be on the barrette market again in 2022.

And you, do you consider any of these substitutes as someone who can lead your team to be successful for the rest of 2021? Thanks for your preference, friends, remember: we are all first and ten!

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Express Ranking of Substitute QBs – NFL Season 2021