It rains in the wet for former Las Vegas Raiders player involved in accident with dead person

NFL Receiver Henry Ruggs III faced justice after the incident in Las Vegas and new charges were brought against him. By Alfonso Zuniga November 06, 2021 12:45 PM EDT NFL© Chris Unger / Getty ImagesHenry Ruggs III As the days go by, the situation for the former recipient of Las Vegas Raiders, Henry Ruggs III, … Read more

It rains rain it rains

Montevideo was beating Auriblanco tightly by 31-30 at the Héctor Novick Gymnasium on Porongos Street but with 6.06 left to finish the first half, Andrés Bustelo, the main referee of the match, decided to suspend the match due to a leak. Everything looked to be a special night, a tribute to the family of Ignacio … Read more

MLB: Photo shows Yankee Stadium as a swimming pool during heavy hurricane rains

Much of the United States has been affected by the constant rains left by Hurricane Ida. The stadiums of the teams of the MLB have also suffered the consequences of this, such as the Yankee Stadium that seemed like a pool so flooded that the facilities and the playing field were. The New York Yankees … Read more