PSG turns on the locker room alarms; Hardly anyone speaks French!

In the last days there have been many criticism for PSG, club that he is dominating Ligue 1 but it is difficult for him to achieve the results. A curious fact that exists within the parisian team the thing is hardly anyone speaks french, since the diversity of nationalities makes them prefer other languages.

Being a club that play in france, the most Common would be for everyone at PSG to speak French, but it was revealed that within the workforce, the vast majority choose to speak Spanish, as it is a language that predominates by the existing nationalities.

What languages ​​do they speak at PSG?

It has been revealed that within the PSG they are very few who speak French, well only Kylian Mbappé, Diallo, Kurzawa, Dagba and a couple more, use it as a usual language but the rest of his classmates usually choose Spanish or English.

Neymar, Ángel Di Maria and Keylor Navas do not use French, but it is said yes they understand and they could speak it without problems. Lionel Messi and Nuno Mendes, newcomers to the club, they don’t understand any of French.

Players foreign as they are Ander Herrera, Juan Bernat, Rafinha Alcantara, Danilo Pereira and Julian Draxler Yes they could function without problems in French since it is reported that they dominate it, but do not use it because as it does not predominate in the dressing room, they do not see it necessary.

Even coach Mauricio Pochettino, born in Argentina, choose to speak in Spanish or sometimes in English, leaving aside the French that should dominate the country where it is.

Some time ago inside of the PSG existed a rule that forced to all players of the team to learn and speak in French, The same one that was removed due to the diversity of nationalities that were inside the dressing room.

The language issue does not imply any barrier between players and managers to communicate, because all have found a way to do it without problems, but the data has generated a stir by ‘omitting’ the local language.


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PSG turns on the locker room alarms; Hardly anyone speaks French!