“Basketball is no longer played with names and we are going to prove it”

Marne got a great victory on his court against Paysandú that allows him to be one of the leaders and undefeated of the tournament. After the match ended, Basketball Total spoke with Iván Arbildi, who was the great figure of the match.

On how he lives this moment of Marne, Arbildi commented “The truth is that it is divine to start this way with two consecutive victories. In addition, today we were able to beat a complicated team like Paysandú that came from winning and playing very well, has good perimeter and offers a very intense game. So very happy, we were able to overcome a game that at times was tough and luckily we won the victory ”.

He also analyzed a game that had streaks for both teams “The truth is that our first half was very crazy. At times we lost our minds, many hasty shots, although our coach allows us to take those shots when we defend well behind, it seems to me that we have to be calmer and use our heads more to play basketball ”.

In the fourth quarter, Marne was 10 down. On how he lived that moment, the former Aguada commented “At that moment the truth that I saw it divine to put a comeback like the one we did. I saw everything to win and nothing to lose and luckily it was given to us. “

It is a team with a lot of goals on offense. On how they handle that situation, Iván commented “Yes, totally. Here all the gurises have conditions to play basketball and can generate by going to the hoop. My role more than anything is to pass the ball and try to put the team’s head, but without a doubt we are sinning in that sense we must improve, each one wants to have the goal in their hands instead of passing the ball and playing more as a team. “

The typhoon returned to its court after a long time and did it winning “Being able to return to the court and with the public is a divine feeling. I feel special for me because it has been three years since I played basketball, which is why it is something very nice and even more so when you can enjoy it by winning ”.

On how he feels after so long off the court, the point guard said “I feel good, especially mentally. Maybe physically I lack a bit of rhythm, but I think it is normal after this time to start with little running. With the passing of the games I will feel better and I will be able to continue enjoying this moment ”.

Finally, he referred to the aspirations of the team in the tournament “Obviously, prior to the tournament and also now that it has already started, they gave us, together with Montevideo, in the last positions more than anything for the teams. I know my teammates and the reality that they are all good. We may not have renowned players, but basketball is no longer played with names and we are going to prove it. “

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“Basketball is no longer played with names and we are going to prove it”