Adam Silver and LeBron James come out in defense of Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is still in the eye of the hurricane for his questionable actions in recent daysYes, however, in the midst of the new storm that the Nets player is going through, two very important NBA characters have come to his defense: Commissioner Adam Silver and his former teammate in Cleveland, LeBron James.

Kyrie Irving is serving a penalty for the Nets, after a few days ago he shared the link to an anti-Semitic documentary, later, he refused to apologize, a situation that unleashed the punishment of the team who suspended him for at least five games without pay, in addition to asking for other conditions such as offering a public apologydonate a number of dollars, among other things.

For both Adam Silver and LeBron, though, Kyrie should be back on the court by now. The NBA Commissioner met with the player this week and in statements to the New York Times, Silver indicated that, after speaking with him, he is convinced of his repentance: “Personally, and based on what he has told me directly, I have no doubt that he is not anti-Semitic.”. However, Silver pointed out that whether or not he was an anti-Semite had nothing to do with the harm he may have caused by his actions.

Secondly, LeBron James, who knows him perfectlytook advantage of his social networks to express his opinion on Kyrie’s situation: “As I said, I am not one to share information that hurts, it will continue to be that way, but Kyrie apologized and should be able to play. It’s what I think. Help him learn, but he could be playing. What he is being asked to do to come back seems excessive to me, he is not the person they are projecting,” commented the King James to return to his rehabilitation.

For now, Kyrie Irving continues to suffer the consequences of that action, because he has not been able to return with his team and important sponsors such as Nike, they have decided to put their business relationship on hold.

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Adam Silver and LeBron James come out in defense of Kyrie Irving