Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated? Game Plan with tips and predictions for Week 10 of the NFL

is the week 10 of the 2022 NFL regular season and the picks and predictions are increasingly difficult to anticipate.

While in the NFC there are clear favorites for the conference title, in the AFC there are several teams at the heights to which only one game separates them and that only anticipates that the fight for the first seed will be more intense as the weeks progress. .

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, or maybe just a little bit, and let the experts at ESPN Deportes give their predictions, analysis and forecasts for Week 9.

An undefeated halfway through the regular season dazzles and makes Nick Sirianni worthy of this nomination, but what Brian Daboll has done with the Giants, however narrowly, surpasses that of his NFC East colleague.

The new Giants coach has lifted a franchise that won three or two games in three of the previous five seasons and has done it with discipline and by making the most of a limited-talent quarterback like Daniel Jones by simplifying the offensive system. This has helped New Yorkers keep up the pace set by the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in their division and have a playoff ticket in sight.


PETE CARROLL, Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ season has been as fantastic as it has been surprising. Nobody expected anything from Seattle at the beginning of the year, there was even talk that they would be one of the first in the selection order of the next draft and the fact that today they are division leaders is a testament to the work that Carroll has done, who gave confidence to Gene Smithwho has a season of redemption, and took advantage of a practically perfect draft that stands out Kenneth Walker III Y Tariq Woolenbut at the same time, Coby Bryant he has made his mark and they have found their two offensive tackles for the future. As if that were not enough, they armed themselves with collegiate selections after the change of Russell Wilson.

In a season of supposed reconstruction, Seattle is a division leader and a genuine candidate to be in the Playoffs. It’s Carroll’s best year as a coach of his career.

REBECA LANDA / Twitter: @rebecalanda

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PETE CARROLL, Seattle Seahawks

Who would have thought the Seahawks would be 6-3 and on top of the NFC West with a “backup” quarterback? Just Pete Carroll. He said it in the preseason and was charged with insanity.

After half a season, the Seahawks have a two-game lead over the San Francisco 49ers and they’ve done it with Geno Smith, who was once Russell Wilson’s backup but is now even in MVP talks. Much credit goes to Carroll, who has maximized the potential of his players and put them in position to win.

This award is usually given to young coaches, so maybe Carroll won’t be genuinely considered, but he should be.

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NICK SIRIANNI, Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles coach is leading the race for this award. This goes beyond the undefeated mark or that his offense is full of talent; he has to do with the way he has maximized the potential or gets more out of midfield players, like the quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Sirianni has managed to get Hurts to minimize interceptions, even without making the big plays, which is why he has receivers like A. J. Brownwho after a lackluster 2021 season at Tennessee, is now on track for 1,500 receiving yards and double digits for touchdowns.

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The undefeated tag of his team allows him to give the quality vote to Nick Sirianni, head of the Eagles. The quality he has displayed on both offense and defense, plus the development of quarterback Jalen Hurts, validate the appointment for Sirianni, who in the past worked alongside today’s thanklessly unemployed Frank Reich.

Honorable mentions in this category go to Robert Saleh, who has blown up the historically bad New York Jets, and Brian Daboll, who has done the same with the other New York franchise, the Giants.

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IVIS: The probability is high, but no. Although there are matches that look more accessible now than at the beginning of the season, such as the match against the Green Bay Packers, the following week they face some complicated and physically demanding Tennessee Titans and they still have a visit to the Dallas Cowboys and their games against the Giants.

Of those duels, at least one of them will come out scraped.

SEBASTIAN: No. The odds are stacked against them right off the bat, and watch out for an upset against the Commanders on Monday night. It is true that the schedule is quite accessible, but even the big teams have bad Sundays and if you don’t believe me, ask the Chiefs, who lost to the Colts.

If you want to talk about tougher opponents on the horizon, it’s probably the Dallas Cowboys. Both divisional rivals already met, but on that occasion he did not play dak prescott. The Eagles will not finish undefeated.

REBECA: It is true that the Eagles’ schedule is the second easiest in the NFL this season and that of the nine games they have left, only four are against teams with a winning record heading into Week 10 and that increases their chances, but the History says that it is unlikely.

Only four teams in the history of the league have finished a regular season undefeated, even, it also suggests that it is better to face a loss in the regular season, because of those undefeated teams, only one, the ’72 Miami Dolphins, was crowned in the Super bowl.

If I were superstitious, I’d say the Eagles better lose sooner or later.

CHARLES: The Eagles are highly unlikely to go undefeated, though on the surface, their schedule for the second half of the season looks largely accessible, but that’s the thing. They’re only a little less than halfway through, and in the NFL, things change quickly and dramatically.

To finish a season undefeated, you must first have health and some luck. Rivals will also change their level in recent months. For something only four teams in all history have finished the regular season undefeated.

ALFONSO: I do not think so. Their remaining schedule includes rivals like the Tennessee Titans, the Giants twice and a visit to Dallas. As if that were not enough, in case they maintain the winning streak and reach the last two weeks of the calendar already with the ticket to the Postseason secured and the best seed in the NFC, there remains the option of resting the starters, which increases the chance of a crash.


Who is the key player coming back from injury for


Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated Game PlanIVIS: In Minnesota’s visit to Buffalo, practically everything hinges on one man: Josh Allen. If the quarterback plays this Sunday, who suffers from an elbow injury, the Vikings are the most at risk of suffering a loss, but if Allen misses the game, then that possibility increases for the Bills.

No one knows for sure, not even quarterback himself or coach Sean McDermott, but chances are Allen won’t play and if he does, he won’t be 100 percent and that puts Buffalo in a bad spot.

1668148855 641 Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated Game PlanSEBASTIAN: Definitely Minnesota. I understand that after a loss and in an era where we jump to grand conclusions all the time, Buffalo is suddenly thought to be out of contention, but in my opinion, the Bills are one of the best three teams in the NFL.

We’ve got an eye on the availability of Josh Allen, who has an elbow problem, but the Bills host a Vikings team that, while they’ve only lost once, have had gaps in just about every game and have become experts at winning one-possession games. Buffalo is one of the toughest places to visit and it’s a good time to buy low from the Bills, who, on paper, are the more complete team of the two.

1668148855 641 Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated Game PlanREBECA: This answer is subject to Josh Allen playing.

The Vikings have a six-game winning streak and the second-best record in the NFL and this week visit a Buffalo Bills who had their own streak before losing to the talented defense of the Jets.

Minnesota doesn’t fit that description, allowing 256.9 yards passing per game and 7.91 yards per pass attempt, both figures at the bottom of both categories. Offensively, the Bills are ranked better in just about every category. The Bills polish their offense and snap the Vikings’ six-game winning streak.

Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated Game PlanCHARLES: Anyone would think that the Cowboys, because they are going to have to get into Lambeau Field in Green Bay against a team that even by law of probabilities, especially by history, has to start playing better, but in reality, it would seem that the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings are in the most danger, as they’re playing each other to begin with.

Despite being at home, the Bills have a more complicated week against a team that is playing better offensively, with a defense that allows few points and especially when Josh Allen has elbow discomfort. He will probably play, but we will have to see how he is.

Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated Game PlanALFONSO: The equation that could give the absence or loss of game due to injury of Josh Allen plus the level shown by his rival this week, the Minnesota Vikings, puts the Buffalo Bills in danger of falling in Week 9.

For two weeks, Buffalo has begun to suffer from injuries to key players, which seems to have begun to take its toll on them, to the point that, if they lose to Minnesota, they could lose the first seed in the AFC.

Of course, in case the Allen thing is nothing more than a scare, the Bills could victimize some Vikings who also arrive as leaders of their division.


Who is the key player coming back from injury for

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Will the Eagles finish the regular season undefeated? Game Plan with tips and predictions for Week 10 of the NFL