La Novena: Of insulted Dominicans, cabal and expensive watches

1. THE DEBATE ON the AL Most Valuable Player award never stops fueling passions. Do youShohei ohtani or Vladimir Guerrero Jr.? Right now, defining who will win seems more complicated than it was to determine the president of the United States in the 2020 elections or to designate the two teams that will win the wild card tickets in the New Circuit. As a friend of the years would say, the feelings are on the surface, and the polarization towards one current or another is marked. Both sides present their case, and their arguments are valid, but not conclusive. It is clear to me that the Japanese two-way player should win the prize. It is not a question of nationalities or fashion, as some Dominican expeloteros and communicators want to make us see. What Ohtani is doing, on the batting box and the hill of martyrdom, no one in the history of the game has ever been able to do it. To find something similar, you would have to refer to a Little League tournament, where the specialization does not yet exist. Otherwise, it is impossible to see such a thing. This does not mean that the Japanese is guaranteed the prize since Guerrero Jr. has a chance of winning the triple batting crown because he is among the first in almost all offensive departments and in the end some members of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) are the ones who will select the winner.

2. MANNY RAMÍREZ, one of the most prolific hitters in the history of the game, outlined in a direct on YouTube that there is a conspiracy to take the prize from his countryman, as they did to him on some occasion when he was active. Ramírez does not demean the Japanese, but assures that “it would be an injustice” not to award the award to Guerrero Jr. It is fine, it is his opinion and he is respected. However, he loses the compass when he uses the argument that writers should not be the ones to choose “because they have never played ball.” In other words, the fact of not playing at the highest level of baseball invalidates you to make decisions. Let’s turn the page, the writers could then reply to Ramírez that he shouldn’t be giving public opinions because he doesn’t have a degree in communication. Or what is worse (and it has happened many times) that they blurt out an aberrant “Shut up and dribble”, as they once did to LeBron James. No tiger, not like this. The controversy does not go there.