WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | live results

WWE RAW SEPTEMBER 19, 2022.— In addition to being considered the face of monday night raw, seth rollins said last Monday that he had a long time without having the United States Championship (he won it at SummerSlam seven years ago), so he issued a challenge to bobby lashley for that title. While it will be a difficult defense for Lashley, Rollins will have to watch his back, well matt riddle could be close. The action of the red mark of WWE is issued from SAP Centerin San Jose, Calif.

Kevin Owens Not only deny the past austin theory on the independent scene but also considers that he is no longer chosen as the next great figure. So he sets out to face it hand in hand to prove your point.

WWE Raw September 19, 2022

WWE Raw September 19, 2022.

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WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | Live results | Bobby Lashley vs. seth rollins

1. United States Championship: Bobby Lashley vs. seth rollins

For the first time since Royal Rumble, Rollins had a starting match and nothing more and nothing less than Bobby Lashley, with whom he began to struggle at the beginning before provoking him and, with a little cunning, crashing his rival against the post. However, the All Mighty would recover and managed to get his rival out of the ring, where he continued the punishment. After the commercial cut, we saw that Rollins managed to recover from the siege, and with a knee, he achieved a count of two. Lashley responded with a Powerbomb, but Rollins used his cunning and took him out of the ring, with which he took the opportunity to land a couple of stops, although he was left at the mercy of the champion and was crashed into the post. That accounted for a few minutes of dominance for the All Mighty, but he wasted time attempting a Superplex and took a Buckle Bomb and Frog Splash instead. Lashley recovered again, but his spear attempt was countered with a Pedigree, although he managed to recover after two seconds. Lashley replied with a Hurt Lock and Rollins resisted like a gladiator, although he took advantage of an oversight by the referee to land a low blow. Riddle appeared and distracted Rollins.

The end

Lashley surprised with a spear.

  • This encounter must be repeated in a premium event. It was very good.
  • The ending, obviously, although it makes sense.

The members of Damage CTRL appeared in the ring on a portable cart in what turned out to be a celebration of winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Bayley got into the public before the boos received.

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Immediately, the trio referred to Asuka, Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss, highlighting that they no longer have anything to do and that they have already defeated them in Clash at the Castle.

Precisely, the aforementioned appeared in the ring and Bianca wanted to fix things on her own, although Bayley told her that they will fight when she wants.

Bayley then made fun of Alexa Bliss and her doll and that she is not even a shadow of her former self. Alexa issued a challenge for later and surprised the former Champion with a right hand.

And it seems that “White Rabbit” will be revealed this Friday on SmackDown, at 9:23 pm.

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WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | Live results | Bobby Lashley vs. seth rollins

2. Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens

Theory attacked Owens before he reached the ring and with that he tried to gain an advantage for his match. KO could hardly do anything, but he eventually ended up out of the ring and again beaten. Theory continued to dominate, despite sporadic attacks from his rival. However, he was unable to apply the A Town Down and KO reversed it with a Superkick and a Senton, earning a count of two in the process. The two grappled in the corner and eventually Theory took the lead, from which he pulled off a series of two-second counts with a Brainbuster and a Backbreaker. Frustrated, he went to get the briefcase, but Gargano appeared and took it from him. KO took advantage of the distraction to apply a Cannonball to him and leave him ready.

The end

With the Pop Up Powerbomb, KO took the win.

  • Good chemistry between these two gladiators.
  • Results remain elusive for Theory

Gargano took the opportunity to throw Theory’s briefcase in the crotch.

The Brawling Brutes appeared and promoted their match this Friday against The Usos, stating that they will be the new Champions, although they were interrupted by The Street Profits.

Ford and Dawkins congratulated Butch and Ridge, but let them know that they haven’t been beaten. After an interaction, this match took place.

And we had another message from the “White Rabbit”

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WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | Live results | Bobby Lashley vs. seth rollins

3. The Brawling Brutes vs. The Street Profits

This was an interesting challenge, with Butch and Ridge trying to send a message here against the former Champions, who started off by combining nicely to overpower Ridge. Butch walked in and took control of the situation with his rough style. Ridge re-entered and the ex-Champions looked in control again, until finally Butch came to the rescue and managed, to Sheamus’ credit, to land several forearm shots on Montez Ford. Not least, someone showed up with a QR code at 9:23 pm Eastern time. After the commercial break, we saw several combinations of teams from part to part, but none of them scored the victory so far. With a Powerbomb and Neckbreaker combination from the Street Profits, Butch came close to losing, but was saved by his partner. Ford and Dawkins were trying to repeat the maneuver on Holland, but Butch hurt Ford’s fingers and knocked him out.

The end

Combination between Butch and Ridge on Dawkins and a count of three.

  • Good teamwork by the participants.
  • Ridge Holland is still missing. Butch led the charge for his team.

Rey Mysterio was interviewed behind the scenes and said that he will not give up losing his son, to whom he left an emotional message.

Jhonny Gargano was confronted by Alpha Academy and Chad Gable told him that he made a mistake messing with Austin Theory. Kevin Owens arrived to support Gargano and a match between both teams was finalized for the next week.

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The members of Judgment Day appeared in the ring and said that no one is going to stop them. They then praised Dominik’s bravery in joining them and standing up to Edge, who they mocked after punishing him last week.

1664200611 255 WWE RAW September 19 2022 live results

The crowd started booing and Dominik said he couldn’t be happier to be at Judgment Day. After taking a souvenir photo, the group was interrupted by Riddle and Rey Mysterio.

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WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | Live results | Bobby Lashley vs. seth rollins

4. Rey Mysterio and Matt Riddle vs. Judgment Day

Rollins and Riddle showed a good combination at the beginning despite not having worked together. Priest managed to neutralize Rey and together with Bálor they managed to keep him isolated for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Rhea and Dominik watched at ringside and celebrated as their teammates took control. Finally Riddle saw action and managed to account for Priest and Bálor, until he missed a Floating Bro and was knocked down, and ended up being subdued by his rivals, until he reached his corner for Rey to take the baton. The masked man landed a 619 on Bálor on the second attempt, but Seth Rollins took advantage of Rhea Ripley’s distraction to attack Riddle, although Rey arrived to save him. Dominik faced his father and asked her to attack him, but Rey did not and was exposed to his rivals.

The end

Priest and Bálor finished off Rey taking the victory.

  • Judgment Day already looks like they’re being taken seriously
  • Rey will need more support if he wants to get ahead with this rivalry
  • Lots of interruption in combat

Behind the scenes, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle had an altercation and finally agreed to a Fight Pit for Extreme Rules.

The Miz and Tommaso Ciampa arrived in the ring for a new edition of Miz TV, and The Miz addressed the harassment he suffered at the hands of Dexter Lumis and invited him to the ring. Ciampa was ready to receive him, but Lumis appeared from under the ring, failing in his attempt to take him away.

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Judgment Day was celebrating their recent victory, but Finn Bálor saw AJ Styles and confronted him. The two had a discussion about their past and Styles said that he doesn’t want to join them. Bálor turned to his old friendship and told him that his offer still stands.

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WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | Live results | Bobby Lashley vs. seth rollins

5. Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

Bayley and Alexa arrived with their companions as if to lengthen the rivalry that occurred in Clash at the Castle. Both struggled during the first minutes and the public booed Bayley, while Alexa was bothered by Dakota and Iyo. Both eventually took the action to the outside of the ring, with Alexa taking the lead after landing a Cannonball. After the commercial break, we saw an Alexa Bliss quite focused on looking for victory, achieving several accounts of two seconds. Bayley was also trying her thing. The lights went out for a moment, but it didn’t get any worse, while Bayley tried to win by cheating, until Bianca discovered her and the brawl broke out outside her. Alexa took the lead and went for the Twisted Bliss, but Dakota and Iyo interfered and sent Alexa down.

The end

With the Rose Plant, Bayley took the win.

  • Damage CTRL have been shown to be in control here
  • Alexa Bliss is not the same as before.
  • Asuka has not had a leading role here either

Alexa and Asuka were attacked by the Damage CTRL, but Bianca came to the rescue; however, the Raw Champion was subdued by the numerical superiority of her rivals and Bayley finished her off with a Rose Plant.

Bayley told Bianca that she wants the Raw Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules.

1664200612 116 WWE RAW September 19 2022 live results

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WWE RAW September 19, 2022 | live results