WWE referee won the Championship 24/7

The history of monarchs of the 24/7 Championship is already more extensive in its three years of life than that of the World Full Weight Championship N.W.A.. And it is that even referees have had the honor of carrying this scepter that after all the criticism about its futility, remains active.

A trend of giving minutes (or seconds) of glory to non-competitive talent that dates back to 2020. But until this past summer, the referees did not begin to join the party. Starting with Shawn Bennett at a WWE Live on August 21 held from London (Canada)following with Eddie Orengo during a WWE Live on September 10 held from Colorado Springs (Colorado) and continuing yesterday with Daphanie LaShaunn during a WWE Live from Vancouver (Canada).

During this house show, Nikki Cross defeated dana brooke to conquer the gold, and after despising LaShaunn, She could not resist rolling her back to the Scotswoman that her partner Shawn Bennett made official as a count of three. Subsequently, LaShaunn was able to prevent Bennett from earning the medal, but Cross took advantage of such a distraction.. And, yes, you guessed it, another roll on his back allowed him to regain the title. Under the same evening, finally, 24/7 ended up returning to Brooke’s waist.

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It will surely matter little to LaShaunn that officially, WWE will never recognize his very brief reign. And it is that LaShaunn, before serving as a referee, had a career as a fighter, under which she conquered, among other belts, the Nova SHINE Championship. At the time, LaShaunn was competing under his real name, Aja Perera.

“Vancouver left me with so many memories that I will always keep close! I refereed my first match for the Undisputed Universal Championship. I still have a lot of things to do, but having these opportunities makes me know that I am on the right track. […]»

Dana Brooke, current 24/7 Champion – © WWE

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WWE referee won the Championship 24/7