WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for December 6, 2021

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Big E vs. Kevin Owens will open the show in his Steel Cage match.

Combat Steel Cage
Kevin Owens takes the initiative and after connecting a few blows he seeks to escape through the cell door. He tries to climb the wall but E knocks him down causing him to hit his crotch with the top rope. They fight for two in the corner, until Kevin elbows his rival down. Spear of E to stamp KO against the metal. Big E connects several blows, but when looking for another Spear KO he dodges it causing him to crash against the wall.
Returning from commercials, KO dives into Moonsault from the top rope for a count of two. Big E tries to escape through the door, Owens stops him by slamming him against the door frame and then hanging him with the rope. Kevin tries to escape over the top of the structure, E stops him. KO spins from the corner and applies a Sunset Flip Bomb that almost gives him the victory. E responds with three Belly to Belly Suplex, looks for a Splash but KO moves. Kevin returns to the attack with Superkick and Cannonball but it is not enough for the count of three. Boston Crab for E in the middle of the ring. E and KO struggle on the edge of the ring with the door open, when Seth Rollins appears. The Visionary closes the door hitting both fighters hard.
KO is thrown at Frog Splash after another pause, but fails to count three. E uranage and another count of two. Seth walks over to the commentary table to say how good the fight is being. Pop Up Powerbomb but KO does not achieve victory. Big Ending from on high, but instead of looking for the bill, E crawls towards the door. Big E escapes!
Winner: Big E.

After the fight, Seth Rollins attacks Big E. Rollins from behind and also attacks Kevin Owens when they lift the structure. Big E gets up and attacks Rollins and Owens to close the segment in triumph.

Moments later, it came Bobby lashley to attack them all. The All Mighty was the last man standing after the confrontation.

A couples tournament is announced to search for challengers to the Raw Couples Championships.

Queen Zelina and Carmella they go out to the ring. Zelina criticizes Nikki ASH and assures that she will beat her tonight.

Nikki ASH (w / Rhea Ripley) vs. Queen Zelina (c / Carmella)
Nikki looks for height but Zelina quickly knocks her down. Zelina’s knee strike for a count of two. Nikki reversed with a pin and almost achieved the victory. Clothesline for Zelina, followed by a Bulldozer. He searches for a Suplex but Zelina escapes. He looks for the account leaning on the ropes but the referee warns him in time. Zelina’s Code Red for the count of three.
Winner: Queen Zelina.

RK-Bro they talk before going on stage. When interviewed, Riddle says that the tournament is his idea, Randy focuses on that they should focus on defending the titles. Riddle adds that they will be the hosts of the tournament and will do exclusive interviews, although Randy disagrees. Since Orton didn’t bring the jacket Riddle asked for, the Bro brings him one for him to wear.

Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley they speak backstage. A girl appears to ask for an autograph, but it is not Nikki, but Jerry lawler that was standing there. To cheer up Nikki, Jerry offers her an autograph, but she leaves with Rhea. Lawler is left wondering if he did something wrong.

RKO-Bronament’s Prinmera Ronda
AJ Styles & Omos vs. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

AJ and Montez start the action. Soon relief for Angelo, Styles responds but misses a blow later. Dawkins looks for momentum in the ropes but Omos moves them causing him to fall. AJ takes the opportunity to attack Montez in his corner. Iron for Angelo at ringside by Styles.
Returning from the break, Omos overpowers Dawkins and seeks relief. Enter Montez and charge against AJ. Looking for a Suplex, AJ blocks but Ford surprises with a pin. Kicks for Styles and Splash to stop his response. Ford slaps Omos in the face, Angelo joins in and they both kick Omos to knock him down. AJ kicks for Montez, followed by a Brainbuster. AJ prepares for the Phenomenal Forearm but Omos takes over. They all go to ringside, where Omos dominates the opponents. The colossus does not realize to return in time to the ring and receives the count of ten.
Winners: The Street Profits.

Riddle behaves like a correspondent interviewing AJ Styles after the match. Styles asks if he shouldn’t interview the winners of the match, Riddle says they’re too fast. He asks about his relationship with Omos, which seems to be getting complicated. Styles says it was just a communication problem. “Something that happens to the best teams, something you don’t know anything about,” AJ shoots, before leaving annoyed.
Riddle gives way to Orton in case he wants to say something, but The Viper just says “no.”

Becky lynch is interviewed. The champion says it is a great night for Liv Morgan to face her, and acknowledges that she comes with great momentum. “Nobody wants Liv to win this,” says Becky. She claims that tonight will be another victory for her, the biggest star.

Riddle happily comments on his previous segment. Randy says his career as a correspondent is over, so Riddle should just continue with that.

Fight for the United States Championship
Damian Priest (c) vs. Robert Roode (w / Dolph Ziggler)

Damian takes the initiative, cornering Roode with blows. He is distracted by Ziggler at ringside, Robert takes the opportunity to attack him and throw him over the barricade. Roode controls in the ring when he returns from the break, but does not achieve the count of three. Broken Arrow and a count of two about Roode. Priest connects a volley of kicks, Roode reacts with a Spinebuster that almost gave him the victory. Robert looks for the account but soon receives a Reckoning to fall to Damian.
Winner: Damian Priest.

After the combat, Dolph ZIggler attacks Damian Priest.

Bianca Belair comes out dancing for their match, but Doudrop comes out to attack her from behind on the ramp.

Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop
Doudrop takes the lead, Bianca responds and kicks her into the corner. Doudrop avoids kicks and connects a Senton. Doudrop maintains control, connects a Clothesline and Bianca takes refuge in the ropes. Belair tries to respond and is stopped by another tough Clothesline. Cobra Clutch for Bianca in the middle of the ring. Belair connects kicks to get Doudrop out of the ring, who then takes her out of the ring and stars against the edge of the ring. Splash at ringside on Bianca.
Returning from the break Bianca connects a Spinebuster. Crossbody and a count of two on Doudrop. Doudrop’s splash from the second rope, Bianca resists. Belair dodges a Cannonball and looks for his shot. Doudrop grabs the ropes to avoid it, Bianca manages to push her a little against the corner. Doudrop gets out of the ring and leaves the match.
Winner: Bianca Belair.

Austin Theory arrives at the office of Vince McMahon. Vince tells him that when asked how he’s doing, no one really cares. Vince and Austin don’t seem to understand each other much in conversation.

The Miz comes out to present Miz TV and welcomes Edge. Miz tells Edge that he lost his edge, and for that he has flattered him. He thinks Edge is fine physically, but weak mentally. Edge responds not to mistake his kindness, Miz stops him and says he needed it when he started, not now. Edge responds that the same thing happened to him at the time, but the difference is that he did not feel superior to the rest. Miz claims that 2022 will be his year, and the best way to start it will be to beat Edge. If that involves a match on Day 1, Edge says he accepts. Edge threatens to hit him and Miz falls on his back.

First Round of the RKO-Bronament
Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis) vs. Rey & Dominik Mysterio

Chad and Dominik begin the meeting. Chad’s suplex that won’t let go of his grip. Dominik slaps Chad, returning a preview Gable gave him. Belly to Belly Suplex to stop Dom from taking over. Gable looks for the relief but Dominik stops it. They exchange blows, Chad goes on to punish Dom’s knee. Gable looks for height for a Moonsault, Dominik dodges him and surprises with a pin to take the victory.
Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio.

Austin Theory talks to Vince McMahon. He wants to have a fight tonight, but Vince tells him no, to find another way to impress him. Austin opens his jacket and works out, saying he could do it all day. Vince tells him no, to find another way. “Use your brain,” says Vince.

Finn Balor vs. T-Bar
Finn takes the initiative but T-Bar stops him to throw him around the ring with ease. T-Bar lands punches and throws Finn into the corner. Balor returns to the attack and reverses a Chokeslam with a pin. Double Stomp for T-Bar. Finn tries a Slingblade but receives a Discus Big Booy that almost reaches three. Finn’s Slingblade looking for height. T-Bar goes after him but Finn is beaten free. Coup de Grace for a count of three.
Winner: Finn Balor.

Austin Theory attacks Finn Balor and takes a selfie with him.

Reggie talks to Dana Brooke backstage. He congratulates her on her achievement with the 24/7 Championship, but the talk is interrupted by the wrestlers seeking the title. Reggie helps Dana run away.

Bobby Lashley and MVP are interviewed. MVP talks about Lashley’s attack, which was a consequence of disrespect for the All Mighty.

Video of Liv Morgan’s life, with images, videos and statements from her mother prior to her great fight.

Fight for the Raw Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv morgan

Becky starts off confident and takes Liv down. Morgan becomes angry and goes on the attack, causing Becky to leave the ring. Liv tries to surprise Becky with different pins, but the champion resists. Becky responds with blows to stop Lynch’s advance. Becky kicks to ringside, Liv responds with her knees. Liv’s Suicide Dive looking for the account when she returns to the ring. Struggling up high, Becky applies a Superplex.
Becky takes control coming back from hiatus and searches for the account after an Inverted DDT. Liv avoids an aerial attack and lands a kick. Morgan continues to attack, connects his Double Knees to the face and almost wins. Liv does not stop her attack, steps on Beck on the edge of the ring and goes back to look for height to launch with Missile Dropkick. He applies a key to Becky, who turns to cover her. Lynch searches for the DisarmHer, Liv reaches the ropes. They rotate looking for pins, Becky takes hold of the strings and achieves the three.
Winner: Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch is triumphant while Liv Morgan is sad and upset in the ring.

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WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for December 6, 2021