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Minutes before the start of Raw, various media outlets echoed a post by the Reddit user kerrmint125 in which this user wrote the following: “The Visionary is all smoke and mirrors…. You’re welcome». Reference to the planned fight between seth rollins (known as “The Visionary”) and cody rhodes (whose old entry topic in WWE was called “Smoke and Mirrors”), which some as Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.Co they considered a “spoiler” of what we would see on the Monday show.

«It seems that Cody Rhodes has signed his contract with WWE and will fight at WrestleMania […] This indicates that Cody will be on Raw tonight to set up the match with Seth Rollins. Dave Meltzer posted today that Rhodes vs. Rollins was still listed internally for WrestleMania last Friday. If it’s related, on Thursday Brandi Rhodes tweeted‘Celebrating some cool stuff’, so maybe that was when the contract was signed.”

AND Minutes, hours, and no sign of Rhodes passed by the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville (Florida). Another week, fans expect WWE to give some sign of life, less than three weeks after “The Showcase of the Immortals”.


► Cody Rhodes, still a possibility for WrestleMania

But WWE did not want to dismiss the Raw broadcast without a presumable “easter egg” of the return of Rhodes, as it did last february 21.

Moments after Rollins’ defeat against Kevin Owens in the star of the evening, Corey Graves said that Rollins’ hopes at WrestleMania had been “dashed”. Within such a context, its translation would be “frustrated” or “ruined”. Although it does not seem coincidental that Graves pronounced a term very similar to “dashing”, an adjective that Rhodes used as a nickname in WWE. In addition, Jimmy Smith He added that Rollins’ vision had become a real “nightmare”. You know, “the American Nightmare” is Rhodes’ current nickname.

There are three episodes of Raw left before WrestleMania 38. Time is running out, and we will see what happens with Rhodes and his alleged duel with Rollins. The reality, after all, is that the ex-Shield continues free of commitments in the great event.

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WWE made references to Cody Rhodes again during Raw | Superfights