Will Happy Corbin be traded to NXT? | Planet Wrestling

Thomas Pestock (Corbin’s real name) never ceases to amaze us.

Maybe he plays an egotistical bailiff, a king, a homeless man with depressive tendencies or a billionaire.

It is precisely this last character that brings us here today.

Radical character change

As this medium published yesterday, Corbin appeared in Smackdown with a new character.

Remarkably wealthy after a hot streak in Las Vegas, Happy Corbin tried to buy the briefcase from Money in the bank to Big E.

This fact brought to mind Ted DiBiase a lot, who bought the title of Wwe to André The Giant.

And it is that, according to appearances, Happy Corbin will be inspired by “Million Dollar Man”.

Ted Dibiase in NXT

Dibiase currently works at NXT, sGoing Cameron Grimes’s manager.

Also, on June 13, brought back the mythical “Million Dollar Championship”.

The style and history of this curious championship make it fit perfectly with the new character of Corbin. Who, probably, is interested in obtaining it and making his new fortune clear.

Proximity of draft

In October, Wwe will celebrate your classic draft in order to renew the product.

The mechanics of this event is the exchange of superstars from one brand to another.

Generally they usually only participate in the shows of Raw and Smackdown But sometimes, NXT it has gotten in the way.

What if Happy Corbin is not selected by any brand? Then, anyway, I would try my luck at the rainbow brand.

So far there are only theories, but what about you? Would you like to see Happy Corbin in NXT?

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